Aug 172012

Question by r u randy?: This one has got to go around again, doesn’t it?
(Asked prevoiusly)

Theists, God-believers… are you prepared to answer?

Human consciensious, (i.e., our ability to experience through our senses and reason with our minds,) has a yet undescovered physical and chemical nature to it. These questions of physics are likely to be solved or at least become much better understood following a few more decades of research.

How will you respond when science tells you with certainty that physical death includes a definitive end to consciensious? Will you still insist that “life after death” is possible? Will you continue to claim that there is a “soul” and a “spirit” with the ability to live on after all conscious ability is obliterated?

If consciousness depends on physical and chemical support to exist, (which it does,) then how could it ever exist without a living body to maintain it?

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Answer by karen_03625
Being strong in my belief, I know it will never be proven that when we die, we just die…. I know for a fact, I will live on forever in the Kingdom with God.
question for you >> With your beliefs, how would you explain this theory to Jesus?

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Nov 122011

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Oct 082011

Question by John Paul: When will new episodes of Fullmetal alchemist: Brotherhood start again?
Ya, its like the season just cut off of the main story and now adult swim is starting it over from the beginning.

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Answer by jess is a mess
this is the second time -___-
soon hopefully!

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Sep 232011

Question by Aaron: How do I get my power windows and power locks working again?
Within a month of each other, my power locks and power windows went out. I can lock the doors by hand, but the windows are immobile and not closed all the way…which is fine until rainy season/winter snow begins. I’ve checked all the fuses (both under the dash and under the hood) and none are blown. I understand that the next course would be to check the power relays, but I am not sure where these are located, or if it is within my ability to fix. If it is something I can fix myself, I would like to try.
It is a 1996 Honda Civic LX.

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Answer by BillyTheKid
Take it to a repair shop and have them fix it.

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May 192011

Origin axing made Creagh think again and go back to the basics
NO ONE could accuse Ben Creagh of lacking self-awareness. The NSW interchange forward, whose off-field demeanour gives the impression of a gentle giant, yesterday reserved the scathing outbursts for himself, saying he deserved to be dumped from the third match of last year’s State of Origin series.
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Stroke survivors regain vision with new light therapy
In honor Stroke Awareness Month, light-based therapy developers NovaVision announce successful treatment of stroke victims using its Vision Restoration Therapy. Originally posted at Crave
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President Patil calls for awareness on global environment change
New Delhi, May 19 (ANI): Emphasizing that with urbanization emerging as one of the most significant drivers of global environment change, President Pratibha Devisingh Patil today said that those living in concrete dominated city environments cannot afford to remain apathetic or indifferent to the mounting degradation of our natural eco-systems.
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Feb 132011

Moral Enlightenment

Image by jurvetson

Fighter procurement for dummies: Ashley Tellis does it again!
By Admiral Arun Prakash, New Delhi, Feb 13 : Amongst the strategic analysts on the Indo-US horizon, few are as incisive and diligent as Ashley J Tellis.
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Tanks vs. Twitter
NEW YORK — It is hard to think largely about the sweep of events when one is reacting instantaneously to breaking … tweets. Now there’s a sentence one couldn’t have imagined writing even a few years ago.
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Feb 072011

Question by kpcoco0870: AKA once again!! This time not only give the original movie title but find?
out the common bond with the 5 movies. Here’s an example of an AKA: Affection Certainly – Love Actually

1. Destructive Allurement
2. Barricade Road
3. A Flawless Homicide
4. Courting the Pebble
5. Miracle Youngsters
Blue, you came in first so you get the points. DCT, you’re right. Everybody was great with this but I’m gonna have to kick it up a notch….:-)

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Answer by ★☆ßĻŨĘ☆★™
1. Fatal Attraction?
2.Wall Street
3. A Perfect Murder
4. Romancing the Stone
5. Wonder Boys

They all have Michael Douglas in them.

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