Mar 272014

Question by catnip: Questions about the mystic tan or spray tan?
I’m 24, white as a ghost & burn REALLY easily. I’ve tanned (with tanning beds) in the past with poor results. I am considering doing a “Mystic Tan” or and at-home spray on tan. Questions are:

Will the a mystic tan OR spray on tan wash off when I shower?

Will it have to be applied everyday?

If if doesn’t have to be applied daily, how often will it have to be applied?

Will it look orangey/fake on someone very pale?

Thanks :)
musicgirl150: Grow up. That’s not answering my questions. If you want to get points for answering questions, that’s fine, but don’t answer mine. I’d rather NOT get skin cancer & leathery wrinkles….thanks.

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Answer by musicgirl150
ew fake tans are gross

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Mar 232014

Question by Kevin7: what is the evidence behind the book the “Phantom Voyagers” about Indonesians in ancient Africa?

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Answer by Hαяνєy Bσi ThєHiρ416™
‘Great Zimbabwe built by Indonesians’

By Mduduzi Mathuthu
Last updated: 11/12/2009 10:59:10
THE treasured Zimbabwean stone wonder — the Great Zimbabwe — was built by Indonesian mariners, a controversial new book claims.

“Without the input of Indonesians, the Great Zimbabwe might never have come into being,” writer Robert Dick-Read claims in his new book The Phantom Voyagers.

In the book, Dick-Read also claims that several monuments like the Nyanga and Khami ruins were built by the Indonesians, modelled on structures that still exist in Madagascar.

Dick-Read further makes the staggering claim that the name Zimbabwe (short for Dzimba dza mahwe or house of stone) could be derived from Zomba-be`, a Madagascan word which he says appears to have the same meaning.

People who reject this theory, he says, are “contrarians by nature who love to complicate simple things”.

The latest claims contradict popular wisdom that the 32 feet high and 800 feet stretch of stone walls were built by the local Karanga tribesmen around 500 AD.

Archeologists and historians have struggled to solve the mystery of Great Zimbabwe due to the absence of written language nor any oral traditions. The greatest puzzle for historians is why the civilization declined around 1600, after the great archeological triumph that is Great Zimbabwe.

In The Phantom Voyagers, Dick-Read traces the journey of Indonedian mariners who settled first in Madagascar, then Africa, long before the arrival of the Europeans.

Says Dick-Read: “Within the walls of Great Zimbabwe there is an anomalous structure known as ‘The Conical Tower’ that has so far defied explanation, but which like so much else in Zimbabwe may find an explanation in Madagascar.”

He further draws similarities between some minor features of the monument and similar structures in Madagascar. Mbira music, he adds, could have its origins in Madagascar.

But George Landow, a Professor of English and Art History at Brown University in the U.S rejects Dick-Read’s analysis as flawed and reflecting a refusal by Europeans and their friends to embrace the fact that the Great Zimbabwe was built by the Karanga.

“Since Europeans first encountered the ruins of Great Zimbabwe,” he writes, “it has been the focus of ideological concern and conflict. Unwilling to believe that sub-Saharan Africans could have built such a structure, adventurers and ideologues long claimed the ruins a mystery, theorising that ancient Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans, or Hebrews created the structures. In fact, since archaeologist Gertrude Caton-Thompson’s excavations in 1932, it has been widely known that Great Zimbabwe is truly of Africa and less than 1000 years old.

“Nonetheless, the White Rhodesians, whose ideology proclaimed the land ‘empty’ of people and culture before they arrived, tried to rewrite history — even asserting that an African genesis for Great Zimbabwe was tantamount to treason,” says Landow.

Some archeologists have surmised that the site’s impressive stone structures were the work of Egyptians, Phoenicians, or even Prester John, the legendary Christian king of lands beyond the Islamic realm.

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Feb 162014

Question by DavidVR: A question about neuroscience, free will, and moral responsibility?
Which of the following statements are true or most nearly true, in your opinion?

1. Traditional notions of the soul, free will, and moral responsibility are not challenged by neuroscience.

2. A traditional notion of the soul must be discarded because of neuroscience, but traditional beliefs about free will and moral responsibility are not challenged.

3. Both a traditional notion of the soul and free will must be abandoned, but moral responsibility is not threatened by neuroscience.

4. Traditional notions of the soul, free will, and moral responsibility must be abandoned because of neuroscience or radically revised.

Best answer:

Answer by .PAT..
This question is settled now, The only way to counter the findings is to become an IDEALIST who says ALL reality is internal and solely internal

The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Case for the Existence of the Soul
Mario Beauregard

“using Carmelite nuns as subjects, Beauregard’s group at the University of Montreal found specific areas of brain activation associated with contemplative prayer. But these patterns are quite distinct from those associated with hallucinations, autosuggestion or states of intense emotional arousal, resembling instead how the brain processes real experiences. Insisting that we have never entertained the idea of proving the existence of God, the authors concede that the results of our work are assumed to be a strike either for or against God and that on the whole, we [don't] mind. “

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Feb 022014

Question by Betty Boop: I asked a question about free will and I got a great response.?
Of course as you know I am an Atheist. Still I believe in Mans Free Will. But It seems even with the Big Bang Theory and Evolution every event would be determined by a previous event so therefore how can there be Free Will? Can anyone help me with this? Or do we just not have free will?
Aquila, thank you very much I love your explanation. I must admit I don’t understand anything about quantum physics or atomic particles but I accept it and will have to do some reading.
William r, your explanation makes no sense thanking would just be something else predetermined if everything else was. kisses Betty
Aquila, thank you very much I love your explanation. I must admit I don’t understand anything about quantum physics or atomic particles but I accept it and will have to do some reading.
William r, your explanation makes no sense thanking would just be something else predetermined if everything else was. kisses Betty
So many of you have so many different explanations about the question of Free Will. I thank it is great and most of you are determined that we have it and so am I. I love you all and that is from my free will thank you, kisses Betty. The previous added details twice was not from my free will. I dont know why it happened. xx

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Answer by Atlas
There just is. Dang, is it really that hard to understand?

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Dec 302013

Question by STARR: Site and book that will help me learn more about Wicca?
I’ve recently become interested in Wicca. I’m thinking of converting since I never felt comfortable with being Christian. My great grand mother use to practice Wicca all the time. But I obviously can’t ask her about it since she is dead.

Is there any sites or books that will help me learn more about it? Prayers and such. Thank you!

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Answer by MissDementia
Go to to start. It’s the largest and oldest Pagan/Wiccan/Heathen site on the net and has useful information and contact information for people of all the old faith paths. They also have a lot of recommendations for study and you can interact with others of the faith through the site.

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Dec 212013

Question by Devil’s Advocate: Why do we need to tell others about Jesus? Can we not let them be happy with their own beliefs & religions?

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Answer by God Will Mind-F**k-Cripple You

“Because we’re not happy until you’re not happy.”

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Dec 212013

Question by Artisticat: If a NECROMANCER were real, or even asking about them in books and games, what GOOD could they bring?
I’ve only read of the destruction they can bring, and I am unsure if there is any good that could come from necromancy.
Xenon and Romantic… That’s not exactly answering the question. You fail. :( Thanks though.

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Answer by XenonVortex BlackOp Death Eater
Usually they’re portrayed as evil sorcerers who do all kinds of creepy dark magic like raising dead corpses and that sort of stuff. By definition, a necromancer is usually involved in dark magic, so I’m not sure how there could be a “good” necromancer.


Oh really? Well, then excuse me, I’ll try again if that wasn’t good enough. All I’m saying is that it’s described as the “blackest of black arts”, so nothing good would really come out of it. Unless, they summon spirits to give messages to people. And to be fair to Romantic and I, your question is kind of confusing. Not all necromancers are destructive, some of them make a profession out of communicating with summoned spirits and that sort of thing.

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Dec 042013

Question by Alice: question about mystic lake casino hotel in minnesota?
if a guy is 21 and his gf is 19. can both of them stay at the mystic lake casino hotel?

what if a guy is 20 and his gf is 19? they cannot?

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Answer by World Traveller
In the official site of Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, in their packages, is written in small letters of course this certain age restriction: “Registered guests must be 21 years of age or older.”

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Nov 282013
Ancient Mystery
by mySAPL

Question by CernunnosX: Does anyone know anything about the Blood Moon and the Revelations?
I heard on this radio show called Ground Zero and the guy said that tonight (12/20/10) there will be a Blood Moon when the moon turns red. I know that the Bible mentions this to, is there a connection here?
No smart ass answers please….
He also said that creatures from the dark will emerge also but who knows about that one lol.

Best answer:

Answer by Elijah Truth
WE are in the midst of those signs and prophecies this day, and our generation is the Mighty Generation of Great Destiny to now inherit earth Matthew 5:5–25:34….Matthew 24:29-31 is in the midst of taking place with sorrows being brought unto the tribes of the earth not of His book of Life….it has begun….

For proof that the Black Buffeter of Pauls writings has been found, and
For proof of the Lords now finished mystery Rev:10:7 which He foretold would take place this day, making the way straight for Gods the Lord Jesus christs now return in this Epic Generation of Destiny, and much on the Children of Adam and Eve unmarred who are being called by their God for This days Epic gathering go google Adam and Eve seed gathering medical ministry and on the home page as the about page and services page are many proofs…IT HAS BEGUN…{{Also on the site mentioned above http://www.adamandeveseedgatheringminist… are many christian paintings and even leafs from Ancient Bibles {{On the Christmas and Holy Word page}} that can all be zoomed and copied for this His special season….MERRY page is for questions/gathering..}}

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