Question by maria.mcgrath68: superstition?
i want to know what superstitions you have. I wont walk under ladders, i go mad when someone puts shoes on the table as i believe it brings arguements into the house. If someone breaks a mirror i wont touch it incase of bad. luck. Is anyone out there like me?

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Answer by Eyez
Yes, I am too! You bring up a good point, I wonder what the origins of these superstitions are, I’ll have to take a look.
Many extant superstitions are said to have originated during the plagues that swept through Europe. According to legend, during the time of a plague, Saint Gregory I the Great ordered that people say “God bless you” when somebody sneezed, to prevent the spread of the disease

The one I always use: (only for good luck though)
When you speak of bad luck, it is said that one should always knock on wood. Also knocking when speaking of good luck apparently helps with having good luck. This is an old Celtic tradition related to belief of wood spirits

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