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This is a remix of the theme for the Umgah, who are evil blobbies from the Ur Quan Masters remake of Star Control II. This game is free and available at: sc2.sourceforge.net . Overall, an utterly absurd theme song that suits the Umgah perfectly, with them and their protoplasm and vigorous esters and what not. This remix was created by Jouni Airaksinen. All remixed music for the game can be found HERE: www.medievalfuture.com

www.greenpeace.org An important Public Service Announcement from your Government and The Biotech Industry (represented here by chemical giant Bayer) pronouncing the benefits of genetically modified rice strain – LL62. Barely tried and tested this GM Rice is coming to your dinner plate nevertheless – unless you take action now! Sign the petition: www.greenpeace.org

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  1. @TheCaptainLulz They’re pretty much a good mix. They troll other species by dropping meteors in their oceans and stuff.

  2. I know theyre shuggoths but they kinda have a meatwad look to them too.

  3. DING DING! :D

  4. @MrBeardo If you recall the mod file from 1995 it was probably a lil different. I only got into SC2 as of 2009 so I’m a newbie, and this is a track from some fans who remixes the old-school music, but awesome! I just love this game and wish it had been more popular! The music, concept, and game-play were just extraordinary.

  5. Classic stuff! I had this tune on MOD file format back in 1995! Me and one of my mate recall this music all the time and now I know where it is from!

  6. i don’t know i didn’t listen to it all, and i never played the game with sound.

  7. by the way, you like that umgah using the blobby thingy as a turntable? that’s how this song was made

  8. Haha, you can’t sucessfully invade the planets i dont think they have infinite ships when you see a million of them like that

  9. dude i just played this, and i got beated by the whole umgah planet

  10. That shit aint going into my chow fan and chow mien!!!

  11. h t t p :// w w w .stevequayle. c o m /dead_scientists/UpdatedDeadScientists. h t m l

  12. Respond to this video…And one more thing. Here is a list of all the microbiologist who’ve tried to speak out about the corruption going on with corps like Monsanto. h t t p : / / w w w . stevequayle . com / dead _ scientists / Updated Dead Scientists . html

  13. @Uuuurk For $100 million a Non-GM Vitamin A rice could have probably been created. BBC ‘Mirage’ of GMs’ Golden Promise “A scientist from the biotech company Syngenta said “All the genes are present in rice. One could make a non-GM vitamin-A rice simply by studying these gene in a more focused way.” Several Non-GM Vitamin A crops already exist such as Orange Maize, High Beta Carotene Tomatoes and Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato.

  14. @Uuuurk You said Golden Rice was made to stop world hunger, but it does nothing to reduce poverty(the main cause of hunger) or increase yields etc. UN report International Assessment of Agricultural Science Technology Development by 400 scientists concluded GM crops have very little potential to alleviate hunger or poverty, but several UN reports suggest organic can reduce hunger and poverty.

  15. @Uuuurk I would also like to point out several flaws in your logic. You said Golden Rice is “for the ppl who cant afford to eat anything but rice.”, if this is true those people would still die from nutrient deficiencies. For example rice contains virtually no Vitamin C, and Golden rice does not have increased Vitamin C levels and this is just one nutrient, they would actually die from several causes if all they ate was golden rice.

  16. @Uuuurk The $100 million stat is based on about $96 million spent by the Rockerfeller Foundation for the research leading up to Golden Rice and another $10 million from the Gates Foundation for testing. More money has been spent as well for field trials, advertising, etc. Syngenta will profit from Golden rice, it gave free patent use in exchange for breeding rights. There are many more studies I can provide but clearly there are better and safer alternatives than using Golden Rice.

  17. @Uuuurk Unpolished rice has virtually the same nutrients as Golden rice, the difference is where in the plant the nutrients are produced. However polished rice(like Golden rice) is linked to diabetes mainly due to the increased glycemic level primarily caused by stripping the fiber during the milling process and Golden rice would go through the same process linking it to diabetes. You have to put h t t p : / / w w w . in front of the links without spaces to get them to work.

  18. @Uuuurk “Today’s scientific evidence demonstrates that agroecological methods outperform the use of chemical fertilizers in boosting food production where the hungry live-especially in unfavorable environments.””To date agroecological projects have shown an average crop yield increase of 80% in 57 developing countries, with an average increase of 116% for all African projects.” srfood.org/index.php/en/component/content/article/1174-report-agroecology-and-the-right-to-food

  19. @Uuuurk UN report “Organic farming can lead to increased food production- in many cases a doubling of yields has been seen””the average crop yield increase was even higher for the projects: 116 per cent increase for all African projects” unctad.org/en/docs/ditcted200715_en.pdf

  20. @Uuuurk “Organic farming can yield up to three times as much food as conventional farming on the same amount of land.””in developed countries, yields were almost equal on organic and conventional farms. In developing countries, food production could double or triple using organic methods” sciencedaily”dot”com/releases/2007/07/070711134523.htm

  21. @myndy86 “Page not found” x2
    “may be linked to increases in diabetes”
    How may it be linked… Lol, how many studies have been performed between the corelation of diabetes and golden rice?
    Golden rice is created by a scientest who whanted to end world hunger, its not created for big coporation like monsanto.
    Regular rice cant produce all nececery nutrients. And its created for the ppl who cant afford to eat anything but rice.
    Were have u got the info of the prodoction cost?

  22. lol this is funny

  23. cute… I am not a fan of the corporate duality, but there are better ways to fight injustice. firstly, identifying the root of the problem
    for information without an agenda-

  24. @Uuuurk Polished rice(what Golden rice was made for) may be linked to increases in diabetes. nih.gov/researchmatters/june2010/06282010diabetes.htm Africans may already be more prone to diabetes. diabetes.diabetesjournals. org/content/52/4/1047 .short Unpolished rice has beta carotene and other nutrients and may decrease risk of diabetes. Why give Africans $100,000,000 polished GM rice and maybe increase diabetes, instead of unpolished rice they already have for Vit A?

  25. @Uuuurk Golden rice isn`t for world hunger it is for nutrient deficiencies and it isn`t free, it cost $100,000,000 to produce. More lives could have been saved using $100,000,000 for supplements or to grow existing foods rich in nutrients. Conventional breeding has created nutrient enhanced crops and most studies suggest organic farming increases nutrient content in food and has higher yields in poor countries. Why use GM foods when there are cheaper, less risky alternatives?

  26. @findawaytosmile1 GMF are not needed for sustainability. Conventional breeding has already created disease resistant, drough tolerant, salt tolerant, nutrient enhanced, higher yielding etc. crops. UN/World Bank report International Assessment of Agriculture Science Technology Development by 400 scientists concluded biotechnology has very little potential to alleviate hunger or poverty, but agroecology can and is more sustainable. Several other UN reports agree.

  27. Does the GM Rice also feature “Fetal Flavor Enhancers” too??

  28. i would like to point out all of the ridiculous propoganda in this video. Its actually astounding. They come at GMF in such a negative light, there is no way a person who is uneducated on GMF could make a good opinion on it. Before you decided whether or not you agree with GMF or not you have research more about it. I’m currently doing a research paper on it and what I’ve found is that yes the risks of GMFs are high, however in order to maintain a sustainable future they are 100% necessary.

  29. @whathuhwhere well thats kinda bad argument that ppl too often use. why would the rice exclude other solutions? and the rice itself is a long term solution against hunger.

  30. @whathuhwhere i mean monsanto dont take charge for it to ppl in third world countries. it would cost if it was selled elsewere

  31. @Uuuurk um….what? I want some free rice! :D

  32. @Uuuurk Thanks for replying Uuuurk. I didn’t know about Monsanto freeing the patents for that project.
    I don’t think their opposition to it is based on Monsanto’s pr though, as I doubt one good gesture will make much of a difference for the company’s reputation. I think it is more to do with long-term community-based solutions vs the rice.

  33. @literature2008 GM rice is free..

  34. @whathuhwhere Its called golden rice its made by scientests not working for any company but who whant to fight world hunger. Though no company ownes it to my knowledge lot of genes and techniques are patented by diffrent companys like monsanto however when its used for the ppl in the third world they dont charge.
    Since monsanto dont charge anything those fat bastards at Greenpeace wage campagins at golden rice since they think it will give monsanto goodwill.

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