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To me spirituality isn’t the same as religion AT ALL.
How do you view your own personal spirituality?
What makes you spiritual?
How do you develop your spiritual side?
Do you think ALL humans have a spiritual side (and those who think they don’t have just suppressed it)?
What makes someone WANT to be spiritual?
Is tuning in to and developing your spiritual essence the epitome of and “epiphany” to happiness?

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  1. I agree with you spirituality has nothing to do with religion. Spirituality is a deep yearning within to be at one and live in harmony with the highest power in the universe and to know ones place with in that. Religion lays down rules and ideas that have only come about through man’s limited knowledge and thinking and have often been intolerant of other modes of living and thinking. I do believe though that most of the main branches of religion do have some truths that if pieced together could lead to a better picture of the whole. In fact most main religions have a mystical or esoteric core that complement one another and are not in that much disagreement. I feel that learning from all of them and putting together your own personal jigsaw is the way to develop your own spirituality and a real sense of doing everything for the greatest and highest good. I feel there is a spark of spirituality that lives within all of us and that is what makes us different from animals. Some of us just do more with that spark than those who repress that inner yearning for a deeper knowledge and way of being and replace it with just the physical living and fulfilling of desire. I also believe that spiritually, happiness and contentment go hand in hand. The Dalai Lama said that “the very purpose of our life is happiness, the very motion of our life is towards happiness”. I feel that to be the best that we can be is the secret to happiness and that must surely involve knowing ourselves as true spiritual beings and evolving with that at our core.

  2. I’m an atheist, but I still consider myself quite spiritual. It isn’t the same as religion at all. In fact, religion is probably bad for spirituality because it imposes rules and limits upon what you can believe.
    What makes me ‘spiritual’ is how I am in awe of nature and the universe, and how I can develop myself into becoming who I want to be.
    I think everybody potentially has a spiritual side, but those that don’t think they do probably just don’t have an opportunity to get in touch with themselves.
    I think spirituality certainly helps to make somebody happy. Without it all happiness seem somewhat superficial.

  3. To me spiritual people are not legalistic nor is it judgemental or condemning of other beliefs where as religious people are.
    That being said, I am a christian, yet I am spiritual and remain open-minded to other faiths/beliefs.
    I listen and learn from others when they talk about their beliefs and incorporate what fits with me into my life. I read on different faiths. I ask question when I have them. I remain open-minded. I pray and go to church and have been to a buddhist service and wiccan ceremony as well.
    I think all humans have a spiritual side, whether they get in touch with it or not.
    People want to be spiritual for diffent reasons. Some because it fulfills an emptiness or a void; some because they want to better themselves in some way, maybe morally; some because they want to find a greater meaning in life; some because they’ve hit some kind of bottom in their life and they see no other way out. Who knows…..for each person it is different.
    I believe it is an important key component to reaching happiness. However, it is not like one becomes instantly happy once they become spiritual. Maybe as the spirituality grows and becomes stronger, the happiness does too.

  4. spirituality is a kind of feeling which could be attained through religion or deep thinking towards things, such as life, human being, creation in general,,,, and all these tasks could be attained through religion, and the miracles that some devine books come with.. Every human being has his own spirituality, but we all differ in the amount of our spirituality from person to another according to his deep view to all the things that we have suggested above….the spirituality of a priest or a religious person is not the one of a drinker or a adulterer,,, the former is living a kind of self-comfort while the other is living in a confused state of mind because he/ she is following his feelings not his insight or his logical reasoning as the first ones,,,, those who search to satisfy their animalistic desires don’t really know the exact ways towards happiness or spirituality, happiness and self -comfort could be achived by abolishing what is animalistic in us, Thus we could develop our spirituality….
    The eagerness to what is devine and to our origin which is God, we are always longing to achieve what is spiritual is us, because we differ from animals, we could use our logical reasoning and our mind to choose the best ways towards happiness and spirituality,……

  5. Spirituality is a feeling of awe and happiness we humans have when daydreaming about big, powerful, moving thoughts.
    It’s the same kind of feeling as creative inspiration, and although it doesn’t have direct productive benefits it is a very pleasant experience and is enjoyed by most people (including myself).

  6. Religion is concerned with social cohesion
    Spirituality is concerned with personal transformation
    Mysticism is concerned with impersonal enlightenment..
    Religion is concerned with knowing about God
    Spirituality is concerned with personally experiencing God
    Mysticism is concerned with being one with God
    Spirituality is the essence of religion
    Mysticism is the essence of spirituality…

  7. Let me break this down, forever and always. As children we learn not to touch hot pans or try and taste hot foods. Certain things will definately get us a “whippin” as my momma said. As we get older, a voice that we can never escape is in our ear all day, everday! Conscience! This is your spiritual side. It’s how the Good Lord reminds us everday, allday that he’s watching us. This is completely diff. from religion! Religion is who you want to rejoice or burn with for all eternity. Spirituality is, the security in your higher power that guides your life.

  8. the activity you’re currently engaging in right at this moment is reading these words , but , have ever you asked yourself – are you really reading ?
    which is actually doing the work , you , or your brain .
    does your brain think ? or are you the one thinking . if youre using your brain to think , then there is a ‘you’ to actually manipulate the brain so as to think . so does the material grey matter actually consist of all the thoughts and conscious .
    i’ve answered like that a number of times :)
    if there is a ‘you’ , then there must be a ‘soul’ in every conscious entity .

  9. The Bible tells us that humans are created in God’s image. (Genesis 1:26, 27) While this does not mean that humans resemble God in a physical way, it does mean that humans have the ability to reflect God’s personality traits, including the capacity for spiritual things, or spirituality.
    That being the case, it is logical to believe that God would also provide us with the means to satisfy our spiritual needs, as well as proper direction by which we can distinguish between what is beneficial and what is harmful to us spiritually. Just as God created our bodies with a superbly designed immune system, which fights disease and helps keep us healthy, he also equipped us with a conscience, or inner voice, which can help us make right decisions and avoid practices that are harmful physically and spiritually. (Romans 2:14, 15) As we know, for our immune system to work, it must be nourished properly. Similarly, for our conscience to work, we need to feed it with good spiritual food.
    Identifying the kind of food that will keep us spiritually healthy, Jesus said: “Man must live, not on bread alone, but on every utterance coming forth through Jehovah’s mouth.” (Matthew 4:4) Jehovah’s utterances are recorded in his Word, the Bible, and they are “beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight.” (2 Timothy 3:16) It is, therefore, up to us to put forth the effort to take in that spiritual nourishment. To the extent that we come to know the Bible and endeavor to apply its principles in our life, to that extent we will benefit spiritually and physically.—Isaiah 48:17, 18

  10. Most of those I have no idea, but I do think that all humans, and maybe even animals, but it is hard to tell, have the capability of having a spiritual side.
    You ask a lot of good questions.

  11. Yes I think I would agree with all or nearly all of what you say, however I think it does have to do with religion, otherwise how do you know right from wrong??????

  12. i try to be just…

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