Jan 292012

Hey guys can we get to 300 likes with this awesome box :) Part 2 will be uploaded on Sunday :) Thanks for watching!! Ipokem0nI
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  23 Responses to “Spell Ruler BOX OPENING!!!”

  1. error Karbonala_Warrior at 3:34 a rare from lob

  2. Why in the heck r there legend of blue eyes set cards in spell ruler lol i dont get it::/

  3. Hey do you want to buy my pokemon cards? over 500

  4. Memories !

  5. Get a ptdn box

  6. @LocalChamp9139 Along with many of the other old cards of course.

  7. Wow that nimble momonga brought back some memories of when I played an earth beat down variant years ago.

  8. @Ipokem0nI pls more old packs <3
    love old times :*

  9. The reason they feel fake is because of the fact that they changed the material they use to make cards when Gold Series 3 came out.

  10. Check out my channel :)

  11. Nice pulls!

  12. huh, the europe spell ruler has a lot of cards that were released in LOB elsewhere in the globe

  13. This Box Still Existes?!

  14. r u on dueling network?
    i am (platniumpheonix)

  15. He skipped over Flame Swordsman :(

  16. there are also more cards from different sets

  17. your first pack had m warrir#2 which is from lob and pale beast which is from mrd

  18. i want that cyber jar :/

  19. I can’t find any of these old school boxes. :c I only find loose packs and pull shit. :o

  20. @rcnrcn927 lol ive got 6


  22. the cards actually feel real. the real cards feel fake.

  23. Why are you splitting videos in half?

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