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Sorcery for the playstation move unvieled at e3 2010 for the first time.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. I am very surprised, move seems to be getting some awesome games!

  3. It’s like the WII except it’s in HD. This is a much better offer than Kinect because the latter is too imprecise. Of what everybody has seen it has failed to demonstrate that it works very well. Though who knows maybe kinect will pull something worth while out of the bag and we will all perhaps clamor towards it.

  4. i pretty sure every man has wanted to creat a wall of fire i jope when they make astar wars game it doesnt fail

  5. was that level he done in this vid the demo or is it like the first or second level or even a difficult level?

  6. @Omatusano A-Why thank you ;)

  7. this looks like the funnest game in the world

  8. @plasmavore Actually, it’s kinda hard to pick up sarcasm in a text. But yeah. You are one funny mothafucka. ;)

  9. @memile Let he without sin cast the first stone. I actually have all three and gots to say I spend more time with my ps3. What u fail to differentiate with sales is sales to, “cores,” and sales to, “casuals,” which Wii did eat up. What Sony is trying to do is appeal to those same casuals with better performance, as you will see with the release bundles. Along with that, they’ve got some capable core games so we big boys can try out motion control. Latas, fanboy.

  10. God this game looks childish…that doesnt stop me from wanting it though…especially if you can make your own apprentice OMGZZ!

  11. This game is looking awesome, i’ll get the Move for this.

  12. 2011 is going to be the year

  13. The Wii wasn’t the first example of motion gaming, nor was it the best. The reason the Wii did “better” than the other two consoles is that Nintendo marketed it carefully so that it appealed to families and kids as a “fun” type of gaming, when 99% of the games for it are collections or mini games you tire of after one play or games with gimmicky gameplay that takes 2 minutes to get used to and 15 minutes to bore of.

  14. @Jacolelantern Sony is leading in consol quality and performance, Sony all the way nintendo for kids and xbox is a way to waste money for something you can get in better for less or free (internet play) on ps3

  15. ok how retarded are you shoot your hand like a fake pistol humm because project natal cant handle no shooting games.

  16. This game looks and sounds pretty good. Particularly the music, its slightly out of tune like what we hear in movies in Europe, and it really gives it a mystique

  17. @Jacolelantern It all depends on the games. If the games are crappy shovel ware, then the PS3 Move won’t do well, because they’ve already got a Wii. But if the games are good, liks Sorcery is promisting to be, then it will do better.

  18. @Jacolelantern

    fanboy at it’s best. Nintendo isn’t dying it’s literally eating sales for three years while your ps3 is still behind. I have all three consoles, i just find it stupid that people have to justify there buy. ninendo already dug up that market, sony and microsoft is trying to get the rest. Also, nintendo will always use their stars, i mean they have like 4 system sellers under their sleeves, and everytime they were great games. Now stop taking for a side and enjoy the videogames.

  19. @Jacolelantern So true wii is dying and sony has move which is 4 times more precise than wii and hd graphics kinect is childish and i don’t want to be in my living room pretending to be an animal or pretend to hold a steering wheel

  20. they should remake all harry potter games and make em look atleast like this or betetr cause if they tried harder and made them better they could of been awsome

  21. Lol its funny how he gets worked up before he starts the game it looks like he was getting ready for an actual fight…… people take games way to seriously thumbs up if you agree

  22. @zeenasi That makes so much sense! If either of them brought out a 3D console, it would totally be copying the 3DS! Because if I recall, Nintendo invented 3D!
    I’m being sarcastic if your miniscule brain couldn’t comprehend that. ;)

  23. Great to see – i also love the Sorcery i App !

    Check it out on iTunes !


  24. I love how all the Xbots are suffering from severe jealousy at the moment but who can blame them i suppose because the PS3 is owning it’s ass at the minute!
    It’s hilarious seeing the xbots getting so defensive over there lack of games & piss poor atempt at motion control with Kinect!
    I’m so glad i stuck with the Sony machine! ;)

  25. I’m really liking the idea of gestures and drawing shapes to cast spells and open locked chests etc. I mean even something as simple as opening a closed door by squeezing the trigger, turning your wrist and pulling it open could really help immerse the player in the game. (imagine doing this in Resident Evil) Just think of the other things you could do with this tech other than just sword swinging and gun shooting.

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