May 092014

Question by irlnnl: Sciences that require little math?
I am currently an engineer major but i hate it so much. The mathematics is just too difficult for me, and even the non math classes have math (i.e. physics, fluid mechanics).

What type of science majors require little math, as in no further or not much further than calc?

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Answer by eri
Physics is applied math. You’re not going to get away from math in physics, astronomy, or geology (past the intro level, anyway). Biology is probably your best bet for a science that doesn’t expect much math; chem requires a bit more but not past calculus (if even calculus).

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  2. Biology: you wold have to take Trig, Calc I & II
    Chemistry: Trig, Calc I and Stats I & II (in my university, if you take stats 1 & 2, you don’t need to take Calc 2, but I don’t know if it works like that elsewhere)
    I won’t even recommend Physics because the math is going to be intense.

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