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Question by Dis Dain: Science and God and the understanding of both part 2?
What i would now like to bring up is this.
1.Look at the flood-God knew the flood was coming and offered his help through preordained knowledge of the event but no one would listen.
2. The Freeing of the slaves from egypt- God knew of the coming calamities and through Moses he used them to seem more powerful but at the same time gave the Egyptians a chance to change- they didn’t.
3. Sodom and Gomorrah- he saved those who would listen by telling them something bad was coming- the rest wouldn’t listen and died.
These three calamities were going to happen, God knew this. These three calamities can all be explained scientifically. (One event led to another and so on.)
God knew these things were going to happen and he tried to warn men about them but they wouldn’t listen.
In today’s world Science can explain away or warn us of many disasters.
The difference between God and science is this. When scientist say something is going to happen people tend to listen. if a preacher came forward and said that God said something was going to happen most people wouldn’t listen.
If the tsunami that happened in Asia happened in ancient times it would have been see as an act of God were as in today`s society we don’t because we can explain why it happened.
Has or is Science and knowledge of the modern world replaced God mystic presence?
I venture to say that if the end of the world happen today those scientist who were left could explain why it happened without including God in the equation.
Science and understanding of the modern world is slowly taking away the power of God.
I believe in God but i think his power is diminishing because of mens intellegence or the smarter we get the less we believe. When we stop believing totally or in suficient numbers the end will come. What do you think?

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Answer by Andymcj78 (Atheist)
I think you’ve provided some very weak arguments for believing in God.

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  1. Um, according to the bible fable, god _created_ the flood to punish mankind. He was gonna wipe them all out, but Noah whined until he relented. Read your frigging bible, huh? In fact, in all those hypothetical cases you mention, the role of Bible god wasn’t “good guy who tried to warn people”, it was instigator. Prime architect of destruction.

    And talk to a geologist, there is zero evidence for a global flood.

  2. The difference between God and science is that science has evidence

    Those 3 stories you listed are all fairytales.
    None of them actually happened

  3. “The difference between God and science is this. When scientist say something is going to happen people tend to listen. if a preacher came forward and said that God said something was going to happen most people wouldn’t listen. ”

    Did you notice how you shifted things right there in the middle? The difference you’re talking about isn’t between science and god, but rather between scientists and preachers.

    If God told me there was going to be a great flood, you can bet I’d listen, and start preparing. But the fact of the matter is that “god” never says anything at all – obviously because he is completely nonexistent.

    Instead we get rantings from people who claim to speak for god, and I’m not even remotely interested in pretending that’s the same thing.

  4. 1) There is no evidence for a global flood.
    2) Evidence clearly shows slaves did not build the pyramids. (1)
    3) No evidence this supposed event ever happened either.

    Science offers explanations, but there is no God to take power from.

  5. The end will come when every man has heard the word of God.We are getting closer to this with missionaries and the internet.And it’s not that science has made us smarter, it’s that we have more knowledge. Even with science, man is still corrupt and even more so. Science has made men prideful and boastful. Both of which are a fool’s folly to God.

  6. It is real easy to say god warned them in hindsight. There is no historical evidence that any of these events took place. There is possible evidence of a city that was destroyed by fire in the area of where Sodom and Gomorrah may have been, but no evidence that it was caused by holy intervention.

    If a mass exodus or flood had occurred, there would be a record of it somewhere in egyptian historical documents (excellent historians) or in the Earth’s crust, in the case of the flood. Also, since the flood supposedly happened during a time where people populated the Earth, and historical records were being kept, explain to me how Ancient cultures, such as the Chinese, Sumerian, Indian, etc, were able to not only keep their culture in tact but keep their records and buildings in tack if there was a world wide flood that wiped everyone out.

  7. Everything written in the Bible is as far from scientific as the Earth is to the 12th galaxy from the sun. Science and knowledge of the NATURAL are slowly but surely relegating the mysticism and superstition of theistic religions to the dust bin of myth where they belong.

    “When we stop believing totally or in sufficient numbers the end will come.” I fully agree – it would be the end of ALL organized religions and all other manner of superstitious beliefs. The state of the human condition then – reasonable, rational, SANE – would be a comparative paradise (metaphorically speaking).

    Imagine a world without religious differences which have caused and continue to cause so much conflict between humans. I imagine what a wonderful world that would be.

  8. 1.2&3 are all complete fairy tales and have been thoroughly debunked with solid irrefutable archaeological & scientific evidence.

    Now in FACT what that “apparition” that you Christians call god allegedly said in that vile hate filled tome you call the bible was really the ramblings & babblings of bronze age Bedouins trying to scare the simple minded.
    “god” never said anything because he/it does not exist.
    It was the insane thoughts of delusional goat herders that have drank too much fermented goat piss and taken too many mushrooms.

    What I would like to know is why do human beings that live in the 21st century still believe in this BS today?
    What this does is mentally, socially, culturally place a large portion of our population with the mind set of savages, with the same mentality as someone living in the PRE-dark ages.
    There is nothing good that can become of having such a large part of humanity that does not live in the REAL WORLD.

    My greatest wish is that “the end will come for religion” as it would be the best thing to happen to the human race since fire.

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