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Comparative mythologist, author and teacher John Lash returns to the program to discuss “The Mysteries”, Religion, Gnosticism, Mystery Schools and the alleged connection to the Globalist Elite. Many different researchers in the alternative research community claim that the elite powers are stepped in the “Mystery religions”. They are accused of practicing paganism and occult rituals. Is this true? Is it true paganism? Can this myth be clarified further and can it be defined with more appropriate terminology? Topics Discussed: The Mysteries, The Pagan Mysteries, 415 AD, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Salvationism, The Superman, Gnostics, Deification, Devine Intelligence, Pagan People, Roman Empire, Messiah, Execution of the Gnostics, Etruscans, Human Psychosis, Pathology, The Globalist Game, Serial Killers, Sociopaths, Ted Bundy, Occult Techniques, Subconscious Suggestions, Orchestration of Social Evil, Black Magic, Sophia Myth, the Re-emergence of the Mystery Schools, Theosophist, Organic Light, Counter Magic, Immunity to Resist the Dementia, Shamanism, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Iboga Cult, Voracious, The Expose of the New World Order, Archons, Mind Parasites, Pagans and much more. We continue to talk about the insertion of the idea of the Anti Christ figure into Christianity and what function this might carry on a bigger scale. John poses the question of why the Gnostics or the disciples of the Myth of Sophia, didn’t do anything to protect themselves from the

My videos have been attacked by a particular satanist I therefore had to stop the ratings and comments . I hope you understand why I had to do this. P03TICA Gnostic Luciferianism – What is it ? (FULL) Luciferianism – Religion of Apotheosis – Paul & Phillip Collins Phillip has studied philosophy, political science, journalism, theatre, religion, and classic literature. In 1999, Phillip earned an Associate degree of Arts and Science. In 2006, he earned a bachelor’s degree with a major in communication studies and liberal studies along with a minor in philosophy. He has also written articles for Paranoia Magazine, MKzine, News With Views, BIPED: The Official Website of Darwinian Dissent and Conspiracy Archive. A comprehensive collection of Phillip’s work can be read at: He co-authored the ACL Report concerning the social sciences and psychological warfare (on-line subscription). He recently completed a collection of short stories, poetry, and prose entitled Expansive Thoughts. Readers can learn more here:

  50 Responses to “Red Ice Radio – John Lash – Pt 1 – Mystery Religions, Gnosticism, the Occult & the Globalist Elite”

  1. Watch: Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up

  2. There were debates with Gnostics before the establishment of the fist council of Nicea. Gnostics have been trying to infiltrate orthodox Christianity since it first started spreading to Europe. This whole ‘the council of Nicea decided what the church should believe’ is nonsense.

  3. Watch: Iconoclast Radio – The Serial Killer Network Part 1

  4. @adamhoman1 It is not crazy.It is history. Who do you think the ”Sons of Thunder” are?

  5. @barbh1 History and the present show that they have not prevailed.

  6. Thank you John Lash and Red Ice for this interview!! I cant believe I have not heard of him before today. I have come to these conclusions myself through researching and reading ancient texts and its so refreshing to hear someone speak the truth! I thought I was crazy that Icke, Maxwell and others were coming to these evil dark conclusions about the mysteries but when you read the books and texts its nothing but love and peace, I was so confused! Thanks again, great interview!!

  7. dec 25th is the day the sun first moves 1 degree north signaling the end of the shortening of days.. It is a pagan date of importance.

  8. Respect and love to Mr John Lash

  9. jesus christ is the way, truth and life

  10. Nope that is incorrect..Yes Jesus was born 6months after John but Jesus was born around the date of the festival of the tabernacle..Jesus was born around September again you cannot b sure as it does not giv no specific date n we use the Pagan calender..the day of Jesus Borth has no importance in the Bible only his death this is what Jesus said to commemorate on Nisan 14

  11. @Jerrell1987 The Bible never states Jesus was born on December 25 but it does give evidence that he was born 6 months after John the Baptist who was born in June. The date of December 25 is significant in the fact that according to Romans under Julian calendar after the soltice signifying the “Rising of the sun”. I know of no historical “documents” speaking of pagan births that pre dates Christianity. But that is not to say it is not true either. The Church may have chose the date- see above

  12. So what is christmas cz Jesus wernt born on 25th of december but loadsa pagan gods where born on that day..there aint no accounts of birthdays in the bible part from when john the baptist had his head cut off by none other than pagans

  13. @Jerrell1987 I am a Christian not a Constintinian, the idea that Christians copied or allowed pagan influence to shape or beliefs I think is crazy. The blood shed shows Christians were firmly against Pagans. What I do believe is that many people compare the two and find similaritys and in contrast say they must of formed from one another. Jesus didn’t come to form Christianity but to pay for our debt and in doing so fullfilled Old Testament which pre-dates most pagan theorys. So about late resp.

  14. @adamhoman1 Then we agree. :)

  15. @daximil I am by no means suggesting that you are a Christian but rather I am saying that when God said in Genesis ” They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth ” . That there comes a time when wrong things done is not God’s fault but our own. – Luv in Truth

  16. @adamhoman1 Your comment seems to be assuming that I’m not a Christian. :)

  17. @SororThothma Christianity in its true presence to be Christ like is not a toxic sewage. But rather toxic people withen have had an effect.

  18. @daximil Actaully he did say he was the only way and I quote ” I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” Now I guess you could argue that the actaul words out of his mouth weren’t ” I am the only way ” but when he said ” No one can come to the father except through me ” seems to direct us to believe that in order for us to be in heaven, which is in the presence of God we would have to go through him. He is the Son of God, you know a better way?

  19. @SororThothma Careful there. You’re hate makes you into exactly what you accuse Christianity of being. Christ’s message is about unconditional love. It always has been. I wish you well.

  20. @adamhoman1 Jesus didn’t say he was the only way. The council of Nicea did, and they were a political group, not a spiritual one.

  21. Thank God for John Lash! Thank God for Gnosticism!

    Infinite curses be upon Christianity. Jesus is poison.

    Christianity is the Devil
    Science is His whore
    Money is His life blood
    And He gets off by making war

    The Christian concept of Heaven is my idea of Hell.

  22. @MinnesotaNorthStar Screw Geez-ass. Christianity is toxic sewage.

  23. Religion is the most destructive force for a human being on this planet

  24. Get out of christendom they worship the same tri gods the sun the moon and the star..hence the trinity the pope has the same pagan priest hat and rod n if u look close ders a sun behind the cross..the cross cums from tammuz t is the cross in churchs..constantine the great pushed paganism into Gods religion n anyone who went against him was killed the reason he killed the priest of the day n put his own pagan one there..y do u think christmas is so wide spread

  25. Adamhoman1 do not loose faith in the bible..nimrod in the bible is the originator of the egyptian religion which indeed made ppl and animals gods..nimrod became the sun god and his wife ishtar(samarimus) the moon god..every pagan religion came from this and evolve from a rebellious man of the most high ( yhwh ) Jesus ministry was not in vein he did not try to make himself a god..moses took Gods ppl out of exile..egyptians made themselves gods and godesses they all hav tri gods so get out of chr

  26. @sylvianfripp
    We are not GOD the Creator, we are the CREATED . Read a King James Bible and respect the word of God

  27. @gunkwretch
    God is the CREATOR , man is the CREATED. That’s all I have to say on your comment. Man will never be GOD, to think this is arrogant and silly not to mention anti biblical. I suggest you read the King James Bible and respect the word of GOD instead of listening to false docterines and your ego

  28. im not into the bible but jesus replaced lucifer as the right hand man of God

    thus lucifer was the light bearer but gave that up the moment he fell

    then jesus replaced him as the light bearer

    thats how both can be called the light,they were both but at different times

    or thats what i hear

    hope it helps guys


  29. @gunkwretch Funny how you have such a tenuous grasp on Christian theology.

  30. We are All one and ALL is GOD..

  31. @gunkwretch So true!

  32. if god is infinite, omnipresent and omnipotent, then by definition all of us must already be 100% god,

    Funny how lucifer is found in none of the gnostic texts, funny how lucifer was associated with satan during the middle ages and renaissance, thanks to works like paradise lost, funny how Christians dont know that Jesus called himself the light bearer, or LUCIFER I suppose if you believe that any religion other then christianity is satanic then yes, gnosticism is satanic

  33. I heard that the family (John Todd) now named Todd from Scotland, changed thier name from Collens to Todd? And they were responsable for bringing witchcraft to the Americas!

  34. @MultisoundX
    I ask again – If the bible is so wrong then why does the Lucifarian docterine base it’s complete framework on a distortion of the HOLY BIBLE?. If there is no merit in the bible (as you have pathetically attempted to argue ) then why are lucifarian principals and teachings based on the holy bible?. It is because the bible is the TRUTH and our Lord Jesus is the one and only true GOD


  35. @MultisoundX
    I notice you didn’t answer my question which proves you can’t . I rest my case.

  36. @MultisoundX
    first of all YOU will never be a god. I wonder if you realise how foolish and arrogant your comments will appear to others. You have no power or authority compared to god lol . I do not believe in worshipping others gods and in doing so you blasphem the holy living god . Again you have proven yourself a foollish individual. I will pray for your kind because you are heading straight to hell. Stop trying to spread your filthy unclean beliefs on my webpage . I will block you .

  37. @PoeticaUK Luciferianism, to me is being able to manifest my own will as god. Some do that by calling a name that gives them the feeling of unlimited power. It’s a strong feeling of being able to bend reality itself. Some names are: Azrael, who is the same as Anubis, the ancient god of the Underworld. That would also be Hades. Seth-an/Satan, god of darkness. Lucifer, enlightened one. Embrace Lucifer, for you are Him. Without Lux Fero, your soul is as dark as the void itself. Human Will>god/bible

  38. @MultisoundX
    Jesus Christ WAS the light not Lucifer. Lucifarians have turned this fact upsidedown and distorted the true word of god. To embrace Lucifer (as you believe) , is to submit to false teachings and allow yourself to be deceived. You have been warned time and time and time again against these beliefs in the bible

  39. @MultisoundX
    Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)
    Answer me this , if the bible is such nonsense , why is it that Lucifarianism is build on nothing but a corrupt vile distortion of the BIBLE?.. I say to you this EVERYTHING and EVERY teaching of lucifarianism is taken from the BIBLE. You choose to understand the distorted teachings , sorry I will follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ .

  40. @PoeticaUK Bible was written by men and should not be trusted. People have to trust the Lucifer within them. Being a Lucifer means you are a light bearer, a bringer of light and wisdom.

  41. @MultisoundX
    you have never read the bible have you?. Lucifer is here on earth for one reason and that is to wipe out mankind . He was expelled from the heavens for being jealous of man (being made in god’s image) – man made superior to himself . Lucifer is jealous of us envious of us and ultimately his aim and objective is to destroy mankind.
    Embrace him NEVER. You are a blind fool. As for your pathetic description of the creator , just don’t. Not on my channel.

  42. Let us be one with Lucifer, for The Man who will come to spread the light is to come. Let us find the divine wisdom denied to us by this so called god. Search for it and you will find it. For we are all born with it. Let no one say you are less than god. Find your light and say no to spending the rest of eternity in a place as just one more “creation”. This so called god fears every single one of us. That’s why he ordered to kill everyone who “blasphemed” against him. Vengeful and hateful DOG.

  43. @PoeticaUK exactly how i feel! i’d be lucky to tie so called Jesus’ shoelaces. I just want to live in peace and harmony, eat nice fruits and veggies, learn about good stuff, stop evil and darkness, and get out of this prison!

    good video man! we need to expose the Freeman on the Land and Masons. check out my video on WFS and Rob menard :P

  44. there is one problem when Christians interpret Isaiah 14 as the fallen Satan i just have to correct that assertion first of all …. the word Lucifer is of latin origin and not is not Hebrew which means Isaiah was using the Hebrew word helel . so when did the word Lucifer appear in the bible? it appeared when the Vulgate LATIN Catholic bible was introduced and then when the king James English translation came along they kept the latinised word lucifer in the bible

  45. @SatanistMiss
    be gone heathen in the name of the Lord or I will block you

  46. @PoeticaUK
    Oh go away, read the bible and stop looking up luciferianism videos.

  47. @PoeticaUK nice!

  48. @WulfBand

  49. @PoeticaUK this can be interpreted to mean that, as the many practitioners on the path to the divine, approach the ‘narrow gate’, multiplicity/the realm of individualised souls, is left behind & they rebecome ‘the One’ before embodiment took place. There is only ‘the One’ beyond the narrow gate. On the plane below there are ‘the few’, & in the lower planes the swarming masses.

  50. @zilchnilton
    Matthew 7:13-14 “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. [14] For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

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