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Question by catnip: Questions about the mystic tan or spray tan?
I’m 24, white as a ghost & burn REALLY easily. I’ve tanned (with tanning beds) in the past with poor results. I am considering doing a “Mystic Tan” or and at-home spray on tan. Questions are:

Will the a mystic tan OR spray on tan wash off when I shower?

Will it have to be applied everyday?

If if doesn’t have to be applied daily, how often will it have to be applied?

Will it look orangey/fake on someone very pale?

Thanks :)
musicgirl150: Grow up. That’s not answering my questions. If you want to get points for answering questions, that’s fine, but don’t answer mine. I’d rather NOT get skin cancer & leathery wrinkles….thanks.

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Answer by musicgirl150
ew fake tans are gross

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  1. mystic tan may wash off,but not spray on. you could apply it once a week. you just have to apply the right about to not look orange. (:
    good luck. i would get a professional spray on.

  2. Go to a mystic tan place, doing your own spray tan never works out, it becomes uneven and sometimes runs, plus it can be very expensive! Mystic tab takes only one minute to do, but make sure you exfoileate before going! If you don’t, some tan might not stay on because your skin will be “shedding” but the tan dosent look orange at all, it looks very natural, it last for about 1 week but they provide products at the tanning place to extend your tan. Hope you find this useful!

  3. spray tan is by far a better option.
    make sure your not using a brand that will make you go bright orange, but a darker colour
    i find the best tans are the more expensive ones, because there better quality because more effort is put into them to create a natural looking tan, st tropez is one of the best out there. just make sure you buy gloves to apply or tan remomover (use like soap after applying tan, squirt on and scrub hands together then rinse off under warm low pressure water and rub off with towel)

    you wont have to apply st tropez every night, possible everythird, every second depending on how dark you want to be or minor touch ups every night if your going for a sun kissed look.

    most tans, if you want to keep the tan going for a while, will have to be applied every second night, but the best way to insure a natural looking tan is to buy a bottle of coco butter. (moisturier) by applying this day and night, your skin wont dry up and make your tan streak, and the tan will look flawless. remember some night you may be able to skip a tan, dont think you have to do it every second night if your dark enough already, so you dont get that fake look.

    you wont look fake if you use the right brands. DO NOT moistorise your knees or elbows or anything, your tan works best on dry skin, if there is moistoriser on your skin then the tan will just sit on top of your skin rather than dying the skin, and come off quickly.

    make sure you have an exfoliating glove, a mit is best, and scrub at bits that are starting to look a bit clogged up or scaly.

    good luck!
    all the best

  4. I just recently got a spray tan, and it was a complete waste of 40 dollars. Once you take a shower, it washes almost right off and you have to be so careful around water or your skin will get very blotchy. Everyone told me i looked like an orange, so im not doing that anymore! Mystic tan.. you can only get that if your using tanning beds like everyday for a month or two, it just really deepens and darkens your tan. Personally i would go with a self tanning lotion. Like jergans or dove. Get the one for the lightest skin tone, and make sure you buy one for body and one for your face, there separate bottles. Use that everyday for about a week and your skin will be about 2 shades darker. Just make sure you wash your hands good after you use it or else you will get orange hands!

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