Question by mtheoryrules: quantum physics and god and the theory of everthing?
quantum physics states that reality prior to obsvervation exist only as a non-local timeless probability of states(Copenhagen interpretation, bells theorem, schrodingers wave equation, and the apsect experiments)
Today all of this reveals the importance of consciousness and how it relates to “physical reality” Which exists as only a probable non-local timeless state prior to observation, further to say that “physical reality” can or does exist prior to human observation necessitates a primary or original consciousness to make the observation/state collapse. Deeper still, the consciousness must be said to have a non-quantum/physical quality or you will reach infinite descent which is not possible in a quanta/physical reality as quanta are finite therefore at the end of the chain of physical obsevation there must exist a nonquantum quality to the nature of concsiousness for the obseveration of physical reality. So it is logical to either dismiss all assumptions about empirical knowledge and the ablitity to know our nuniverse or we must accept the non-quantum and primary consciousness aspects that are required of physical reality both prior to and existent after the evolution of other forms of consciousenss and also that physical reality is dependent upon and to some extent determined by the primary/original and our own individal/self consciousness.
Therefore we should move into an area in which science takes the same objective aproach to conciousness as was done with physical reality if humans are ever to develop a thereoy of everthing?
Please critique this logic
to frank see delayed choice two slit experiment.

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Answer by Corkey
I believe your logic to be pretty sound

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