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Question by scorbore: Why is the majority of mathematicians and scientists conservative?
By scientists i mean it in the sense chemistry science or physic science.
the second person guy, first off, i guess this is more from an experience related field for i have worked in such a field, and have studied in it. My brother has degrees in math and thermal physics and is conservative and every course i take in such fields, a larger majority of the people are conservative
oh, and 2 yahoo users that go by captainobvious and yupchagee

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Answer by stev
Smart and logical thinkers.

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  1. I think your question requires clarification and cited examples.

    The scientists that I can think of, such as Stanford Oshinsky or Albert Einstein, I am unaware of the political leanings of.

    Sir, I am questioning your entire premise – all too often I see these claims that state some overwhelming majority of an impressive kind of people are ‘conservative’ but oddly, always the details are left out.

    Without details, yours is a meaningless statement…

  2. mr hohawk, cause there smart.

  3. Have you any examples or is this simply an empty statement?

  4. Just the opposite my friend. Most are liberal. Check any university with working scientists and mathematicians.

    Scientists and mathematicians are truth seekers by nature. They hold pursuit of truth over monetary concerns. These values are more in line with liberal philosophies…

    I have worked in scientific research for 25 years and the vast majority of my colleagues are liberal minded…

  5. wrong again.

  6. And accountants. Engineers. Etc…

    Seems people who do math are.

    EDIT: The asker said nothing about professors, btw. Every professional knows that professors are people who cannot do, so they teach.

  7. i would have thought it was the other way around. who thought of the whole process of abortion?

    conservatives are most likely truck drivers, mechanics, oil businessmen and the like.

  8. They know the end may be more near, and that certain things that were on this planet, may be gone if we don’t save them up and use them wisely.

  9. because the republicans need them to build and design better weapons to use on innocent people

  10. actually, although you may have experienced that in your area.. that is not what is true threw out the nation.. I’m sure in actuality they are probably fairly well split.. but the stereotype is that people of that nature lean towards being deists or atheists.. and the stereotype for deists and atheists is that they are all democrats.. but anyway..

  11. Not sure about mathematicians, but I assure you the vast majority of scientist are not conservative. And if they are, then why is Bush so aganist science? Why do the conservatives on here belittle sicentist and call them liberals evey chance they get? I suggest you do some research.

  12. Quote statistics, because I don’t think that is true.

  13. They think in logical and worldly ways. It has been proven that the majority of scientists believe in God and not the big bang theory of creation.
    They are not selfish and overly emotional.

  14. I think that the majority of people hold conservative views on most issues. I would also like to add that belief in God is not something I would consider a conservative viewpoint.

  15. Because they have a better understanding of Physics . Simple Life.

  16. I totally disagree with your assertion. If you read the life histories of mathematicians and scientists, you will find that many were rebels for their time. Einstein is one example. He was extremely liberal. He even married his first cousin, which would be considered taboo among many conservatives today. Another example is Galileo. His taking on of the Catholic Church’s official doctrine teaching that the earth is the center of the universe can be considered anything but conservative. There are numerous other examples.

  17. They see things clearly and use foresight. They are religious.

  18. It is a survival mechanism for their own good .
    Liberal thinking is not predicated on mathematics or the failed sciences that produce intangible results . You would not fund a pot smoking liberal to collect weather data or volcanic studies or earthquake science so in order to go into the lucrative government fund world of science you must accept the values of those who pay you . While conservatives are out trying to save the world from itself ,liberals are off getting stoned and making love under the stars enjoying life .
    What government job would have such a liberal working for them .
    Stuff shirt butt kissing suck ups who regurgitate a line of theories that they modify constantly to suite the facts as they are discovered by liberals working outside the respectable field of science . Later these liberal concepts are incorporated into mainstream science and math .
    Get over the superiority complex you suffer from and you delusion that you can save the world .
    Kick back smoke a fat one and enjoy the life you have . Stop telling others the best way to live when you have no concept of reality and live in a bubble of your own making in order to feed yourself off the government cheese collected from liberal workers who do not fit into the government employment system for all the uptight butt heads like mathematicians and grant seeking scientists .

  19. Actually, from my own personal experiences around my colleagues, I would have to say you’re not even close to being right. At least with research scientists, those in the medical and psychiatric fields and clinical operations and most that I’ve listened to, talked to or worked with then to be fairly liberal in their political beliefs.

    You simply won’t find very many of the ‘stem-cell’ crowd supporting people like Bush.

    I don’t know enough mathematicians to know where their heads are politically.

  20. I do not believe this. I would have to see sources. It is likely that scientists are liberal and far left. Science tries to put complete logic on everything. There is a lot that cannot be done like this.

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