Jun 052010

Question by CaptainFreon: What trickery does Pelosi have up her sleeve to hold the House debates on Saturday evening?
At least there are debates. Her goal was to have all her BS bills passed unread and un-debated, but that faded after the people threatened the other dems with their jobs. OOPS Pelosi! Anyway, what is her latest trickery

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Answer by Southern Baptist
she’s a witch!! she’s pure evil and out to destroy us and our beloved country!

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  11 Responses to “Q&A: What trickery does Pelosi have up her sleeve to hold the House debates on Saturday evening?”

  1. none…for she is one of the better U.S politicians
    impeach Cheney & Rumsfeld!

  2. She’s a smart woman. I’m glad she’s on my side.

    You people are really paranoid aren’t you?

  3. There’s no telling what she will pull out of her hat. As for Saboo, impeach Cheney and Rumsfeld??? You are really up to date there aren’t you. They couldn’t be impeached even when they worked for the government, they were not presidents.

  4. How much she can get in her pocket.

  5. gramma pelosi has been around politics for fricken ever and she knows the way around the block. it’s so funny to watch as people make fools of themselves trying to demean her.

  6. Her evil “trickery” lies in her christian principles of caring for the afflicted and poor. That Hag! WWJD?

  7. Impeach individuals that aren’t in office any longer? Not gonna work. Nazi Pelosi is living in some fantasy world called California along with Barbara Boxer. In their world this BS healthcare bill is fine becausethey will never be affected by it. She isn’t afraid of losing her job because the morons living in California think she’s wonderful.

  8. The bottom line is if socialism is so great, why do its supporters work so hard to fool others, to fool people into accepting it?

    Why can’t dems admit they are socialists, can hardly even say the “S” word.

    Nancy Pelosi is a third rate con artist who just recites things that people feed her to say (talking points from moveontosocialism.org).

    Pelosi always is trying to fool people but she only succeeds with dim-witted liberals.

  9. It’s called ‘being in the majority.’ Get used to it, kitty.

  10. Trickery??? What trickery??? You know you can’t disagree with politicians? That’s just not American. No go cower back into the corner and take it up the rear without complaining!!!

  11. covering up the fact that we had a terrorist attack on our troops and she and the other disrespectfulls didn’t take the day off to honor the fallen troops so they could pass a resolution to congratulate the NY Yankees !And push this horrendus 2000 page power grab.

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