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Question by alexisann87: What should I study in college in order to do medical research as a career?
I am really interested in Neurology and doing research in that field but the school I’m going to now doesn’t have a neuroscience program. My major is currently Chemistry. Will that give me enough background to get into a good Neuroscience graduate program?

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Answer by Aeryn Sun
either that or biology.

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  1. chem is good, but is there a pre med program? or nursing?

  2. You will need to go to medical school to become a neurologist. No specific major is required, but several courses are required. As a chemisry major, you will hav taken most of them. SUpplement your chemistry courses with biology classes and other required premed classes.

  3. that or chemistry/biology double major.
    i think eugene, oregon has a really good neuroscience program.

  4. A chemistry degree is a fine place to start. The next big question is whether to take a Ph.D. track via, say, biochemistry, or an M.D. track, or combine the two. It might be worth arranging a safari to a nearby medical school to pick brains.

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