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Question by purple: What kind of weird things are out there? what world mysteries?
What kind of world mysteries are out there?
early hieroglyphics…anything?

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Answer by Edo
The treasure of the Niebleungen.
What and where is the saint-graal? Did it ever existed?
J.C. reasting place?
How did the Etrusque civilization suddenly disapear?
What was the first language of humanity?

there are too much to remember them all anyway.

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  1. There are beaches in Tahiti with black sand.
    The Aurora Borealis is phenomenal.
    The Bermuda Triangle’s pretty mysterious.
    They’re constantly discovering more chambers in Pompeii
    (one of the cities buried in Lava when Vesuvius erupted)
    The huge stone heads on Easter Island
    The huge figures etched in stone on the Nazca Plains.

  2. There are plenty. But I’d like to direct you to some that are perhaps not as widely publicized, yet every bit as fascinating.

    There is a massive underwater monolith south of Japan around which there is a great deal of controversy. Could this be an ancient structure or is it merely a natural formation? Or is it a natural formation that humans modified for their own purposes?

    Consider Puma Punka, a temple or central area in the ancient Bolivian ruins of Tiahuanaco. The ruins may be over 17,000 years old. Many of the massive stones that comprise this complex are made of diorite, a type of granite. The only substance in the world harder than this stone is diamond, yet many of the blocks are cut with extreme precision. How were ancient people able to move such massive stones and cut them so precisely that they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle?

    Ollantaytambo is another South American (Peruvian) site in which massive blocks were fitted together very precisely, presumably to withstand the force of earthquakes.

    Then there is the temple complex of Baalbek in Lebanon. While ancient Greek, Roman, and other subsequent buildings exist at the site, the most remarkable stones appear to have been placed much earlier. In fact, some of these massive blocks are believed to be the largest cut stones in the world, weighing in excess of 1,000 tons. Did ancient people quarry, haul, and precisely place these massive blocks by hauling them uphill over rugged terrain by only their manual labors?

    There are hundreds if not thousands of other strange and fascinating sites to be found the world over. Some of the links below are good places to begin.

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