Question by Jake: What is a mystic and what are their abilities?
I assume a mystic is a type of psychic or something, but I want to know more about them. What are their abilities and what do they believe in? What makes them unique as opposed to a medium or Clairvoyant?

Please give me as much information as possible. Thanks!

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Answer by CUPID-godofLOVE!!
Many people assume that mystics and occultists are essentially the same. However, in my opinion they are different. I believe that a mystic is a person who is “born in the world of the supernatural”. That is, they are born with “powers”. These powers can range from detecting spirits/communicating with them, seeing the future, healing abilities, superhuman wisdom/intuition, forms of kinesis, etc. or any combination of those listed. Mystics can believe in anything, but an elightened mystic will have no need to believe in a “religion” per say, as they “know God”, in a sense.
On the other hand is the occultist. Occultists are not born with gifts, although some may have a greater affinity at certain abilities than others. They are merely people who have an interest in occult topics, and do much research in them/practice.
Hope I helped!

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