Dec 102013

Question by : What character creeps you out the most in your favorite anime?
Creed totally creeps out in Black Cat with his obsession with Train! And Pride kinda creeps me out in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood…so does Father.
What about you? And why?

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Answer by james
hitagi from bakemonogatari … crazy women >.< oh... and L from death note is a bit creepy

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  1. It’s anime but Definitly beyond birthday from the LA murder files I think it’s called. I think it’s disgusting to think that he eat strawberry jam, straight from the jar, with his fingers… The thought makes me want to vomit :/

  2. I agree with creed from black cat….he’s just….yeah….well Darcia from Wolfs Rain, Kaede from Shuffle! ((sometimes not all the time)) and Oorchimaru from Naruto >_<

  3. Gasai Yuno, She is a stalker and a Yandere.

  4. either the doll freak or incest twins from shakugan no shana 1

  5. For me it’s Hisoka from hunterxhunter I mean he’s a killer magician-clown you gets sexual pleasure from fighting.

  6. A lot of creepy characters are my favourite. I don’t really get creeped out anyway.

    Pride is pretty creepy from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Children are always the creepiest

    Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter
    He gets aroused when fighting and his voice one you just can’t trust. Plus he’s a magician who kills people with cards and dresses like a clown.

  7. My favorite show is Code Geass. The creepiest character would probably have to be Mao.

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