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Question by Eric: Spirituality Within Nature?

Plank time: (5.39121×10¯44s) Plank mass: (2.17645 × 10¯8kg) Plank length (ℓP): (1.616252×10¯35m) The most inspirational and mystifying observations of all time..

Quantum Physics is the calculations of unquantifiable possibilities that reunite the astonishing facts of nature with spirituality. The recent research in the field defines that our minds have the potential to be much greater than any of us could have ever imagined. Nothing that happens at a sub-atomic level is precisely quantifiable, therefore everything must be described as a mathematical probability. In this theory, our minds can actually affect the vibrational frequencies at that subatomic level and change them in any way we please, hence the Law of Attraction.

Everything at the smallest level of matter (a subatomic level or the Planck Scale) (1.616252×10¯35m) exists as an energy. An energy of which flows in a wave pattern. These waves can be altered by the process of a thought which would be governed by human consciousness. This energy could possibly be the “God Particle” or the higher intelligence that currently controls the events of the entire universe.

The smallest currently known particle is called a quark. Quarks are observed to pop in and out of existence all over the place at random, unquantifiable times. All matter is made up of atoms of which are made up of protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are made up of different types of quarks. Since matter is made from the combination of quarks, we could control these tiny unquantifiable bits of matter at a deeper level of consciousness and combine them however we please.

Also within this theory, we adapt to using 100% of our potential by accumulating a deeper understanding of a universal love. Love is the strongest thing that our conscious and intelligent beings can create. Through a pure and natural love which we would acquire once we readapt ourselves in a pure and natural environment and strongly connect with our one true other (soul mate), we would achieve an alternate understanding of reality and in theory, connect to the quantum field which would in-turn grant us access to the other 90% of our minds (and or hearts).

At a deeper level of consciousness we may also never age. It could only exist because we believe it does. In the nature of our reality, our bodies which will be governed by a deeper level of consciousness could never experience the sense of aging at all. At this point, the constant fluctuation and coalescence of love may regularly change and replenish our body’s cells for an amaranthine eternity (Immortality).

If we could create our reality with our thoughts and ultimately live in a perfect universe, this could be the way our universe was meant to be. This could also potentially be the most difficult and open minded concept to currently comprehend.

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Answer by Mr Anonymous
In the mathematically rigorous formulation of quantum mechanics developed by Paul Dira and John von Neumann, the possible states of a quantum mechanical system are represented by unit vectors (called “state vectors”). Formally, these reside in a complex separable Hilbert space – variously called the “state space” or the “associated Hilbert space” of the system – that is well defined up to a complex number of norm 1 (the phase factor). In other words, the possible states are points in the projective space of a Hilbert space, usually called the complex projective space. The exact nature of this Hilbert space is dependent on the system – for example, the state space for position and momentum states is the space of square-integrable functions, while the state space for the spin of a single proton is just the product of two complex planes. Each observable is represented by a maximally Hermitian (precisely: by a self-adjoint) linear operator acting on the state space. Each eigenstate of an observable corresponds to an eigenvector of the operator, and the associated eigenvalue corresponds to the value of the observable in that eigenstate. If the operator’s spectrum is discrete, the observable can only attain those discrete eigenvalues.
In the formalism of quantum mechanics, the state of a system at a given time is described by a complex wave function, also referred to as state vector in a complex vector space. This abstract mathematical object allows for the calculation of probabilities of outcomes of concrete experiments. For example, it allows one to compute the probability of finding an electron in a particular region around the nucleus at a particular time. Contrary to classical mechanics, one can never make simultaneous predictions of conjugate variables, such as position and momentum, with accuracy.

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  1. You might enjoy the “Hierarchy” section of “The Masters and the Spiritual Path,” Mark Prophet.

  2. Maybe

  3. Nature inhabits a world that is somewhere in between the mundane and the spiritual.

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