Question by tom v: Necessary to take Physics in HS?
Ahh i dont know what to do here.. I havent taken any APs yet but want to take 3 senior year (im a junior now) I am for sure taking…

AP Psych and
AP Calc which will be easy for me
(took algebra 2, pre cal, and now calc honors)

Now for science I dont know what to do. from freshman year to now i took Physical Science which was an intro to basic chemistry and physics, then Biology Honors, and now Chemistry Honors. Should I go on to Physics Honors? The thing is i love science and I wanted to do an AP (bio, chem, environmental.. i would be able to take any of those)
Would it look bad if i didnt take physics? I was thinking maybe to do maybe physics honors AND an AP science. But i think that might be a bit too hard.. two lab science courses..

oh and i know it will be asked.. i have no idea what I want to do in the future. possibly a doctor of some sort, engineer possibly, no idea

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Answer by Leo Junior.
if you want to be an engineer you definitely need physics, if a doctor it will probably be required beacause med school basically requires all sciences and math, ever seen a doctors handwriting? probably wont need to good of english.

:edit: talk to your schools guidance counsellor or check some university websites.

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