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by wallyg

Question by juddle: Is metal fast becoming the new nerd thing?
Not that I care, I’ve been the quintessential Magic the gathering, D&D dork nerd of the cosmos for years. But I find it strange that some ppl & even some bands are describing themselves & their music as “Nerd music.” (don’t ask me who-I usually hear it from local bands.) I kinda take pride in that if it’s true. Nerd=smart & we all know that darker, more extreme forms of music go over the top 40, ass wiggling depth-less masses of assess heads.

Just curious.

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Answer by Luke G
well there’s guitar nerds, and it’s mostly guitar so yeah, maybe.

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  1. I’ve never thought of metal as nerd music, but ever since I can remember, most nerds are into that kind of music. When I was 10, my nerdy sister got me into metal, after her boyfriend got her into it. Her boyfriend’s a huge gaming nerd too, as are all their friends. And now I’m at uni, and I hang around with the second floorers (a bunch of gaming/magic/general nerds), and all the other second floorers seem to be into metal. And some friends I met through my best friend’s boyfriend are gaming/magic/warhammer/general nerds as well, and they all like metal. So I wouldn’t call it the nerd thing, since I know heaps of non-nerdy regular metalheads as well, but most nerds I know do listen to it.

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