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Question by Kanata_B27 H: is full metal alchemist brotherhood a second season?
i was wondering if full metal alchemist brotherhood is a remake of the first full metal alchemist…should i watch the first series or i can skip it and watch brotherhood?
so i wont miss anything if i watch brotherhood?

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Answer by La Tourious
(the perv)

Brotherhood foLLows the manga, but you stiLL need to watch the first one because it is so damn good ^_^

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  1. Brotherhood is a remake that is suppose to follow the manga at some point, and I think you can skip to it since it isn’t like a second season.

  2. Its not a second season.

    Its not a remake either.

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is based on the manga’s plot. Read the manga.

    The first Fullmetal Alchemist (2001) is written and based on the company’s script. Its basically a filler series, but its still good with the plot and such. The creator of FMA, Hiromu Arakawa, asked the company to make a different ending for FMA because she didn’t want it to interfere with her manga series, FMA, that she was working on.

    Before in 2001, there were not enough chapters of FMA to work with and it has gotten to popular. Now, in 2009, FMA had a lot of decent good chapters that it turned into an anime once again.

    Watch both the 2001 and 2009 versions. They’re both great. But its gonna take you a good while to get used to both animations. Some other viewers are complaining about colors and whatnot, which has nothing to do with the series.

  3. No, FMA Brotherhood is not a second season, it’s a remake. I recommend watching the first series. You know what? Scratch that. Read most of the manga, because Brotherhood is supposedly based off the manga. (The first series followed the manga pretty well up until about halfway through. Then it got mixed up and toward the end, it got kind of weird.) You probably will miss something if you watch brotherhood, we don’t really know yet.

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