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Question by Artemis: How can there be any limit to consciousness? Isn’t it infinite?
We can think, dream and imagine anything. Our consciousness is infinite. There is no time or space or any physical limitation to our consciousness. This Infinite Consciousness can create billions of universes, dimensions and scenarios in order to amuse and educate itself.


“Our soul is a single unit of consciousness that stems from the Creator’s consciousness. This is known as “Infinite Consciousness.” All units of consciousness are interconnected to all other types of consciousness. Everything that exists is called the “Creator” (also known as the Source). Infinite Consciousness is the universal energy that exists everywhere or “All that is.”

Each one of us was given a divine mission – go away and explore ourselves. Learn, grow, and understand everything that has been created and eventually rejoin the Creator after having learnt everything that is infinitely possible to experience and having acquired the highest understanding of creation itself or “All that is.” Your path of evolution is unique to you, but you are not separate from other souls, rather your individuality is your unique story and journey to understand creation.

Your mission is achieved by ascending your individual consciousness through each of the dimensions within the universe. To begin your mission, you had to experience a variety of intense “third density” (i.e. the physical universe) lessons on Earth, including selfishness, pain, poverty, love, anger, etc. Earth is a planet to begin evolving your consciousness at the infant level, until you consciously realize this illusion and choose to stop experiencing these dense lessons and decide to continue your spiritual growth beyond this dimension.”

cosmicawareness org 2012 pdf

So how can there be a limit to consciousness?

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Answer by Rod
You had me until you said ‘soul’.

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  2. Our life span limits the conscious.

  3. If you can imagine anything, imagine a color that doesn’t exist.

  4. We can think, dream and imagine anything.
    False. The parameters of what we understand about the universe is based off of the brain itself. We can think of anything that our brain allows us to understand, basically.

    As Roel said, you can’t imagine a color that you’ve never seen before. Creativity is based off of our ability to make complex, seemingly unrelated connections between things. If you don’t have the information required to make those connections then you can not create.

    Also, your brain is actually pretty much finite. I mean it can go for a long, long time but it does end.

  5. After reading some of the questions and answers on this board, I know that consciousness can be very limited.

    A color that does not exist. Wouldn’t that be black? Isn’t black the absence of all color?

  6. That makes an interesting read.

    However, I don’t think our consciousness is unlimited. Sure, we can imagine whatever we want to but when it comes to knowing certain things for a fact, we are limited. For example, we cannot conceptualize the vast expanse of space. We cannot know for sure what happened before we came into existence nor can we know everything that is going on right now. So our consciousness does have limitations. Only God possesses unlimited consciousness. To Him past, present, and future are open at the same time.

  7. I have to disagree with what puppy love and say that I’m sure it is. I believe this dimension is just a single unit of consciousness and each parallel universe is another unit. The mulit-dimensional universe is forever expanding. God is consciousness. Not some omniscient, omnipotent being he is a mathematical and symmetrical component of consciousness among many other things. God is within everything and he is everywhere at the same time.

  8. Psalms 146 KJV
    3 Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.

    4 His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.

    If you want to go by the Bible, the consciousness (thoughts/mind) perish or stop at death. You do not learn, feel pain or bliss, love or hate. Good and bad dead are in the same place waiting a resurrection. Ecclesiastes 9:1-6, 10, 3:17-20. The soul dies. Ezekiel 18:4, 20.

    Only Jesus was immortal when Paul wrote the letters to Timothy. 1 Timothy 6:16. The saints/judges with Jesus are promised immortality at his 2nd coming. John 14:3, 1 Cor. 15:23, 45, 50-53, Rev. 20:4-6. The rest of mankind can only hope for eternal, not immortal life, Romans 6:23, John 17:3, 3:16 etc. (Immortal life is self existence of righteous ones who can never again do wicked or sin…Almighty God, his son and the saints). The rest can go into the 2nd death still for disobedience and many will through the 1,000 years and the final test.

    If this consciousness was limitless and powerful, death would not exist. All these awful things would not exist as these limitless things would surely stop it.

    They would not have to wait the appointed day for judgment and having our legal case heard, getting resurrected from the dead, cured, taught and helped.


  9. I liked it till you got to the third density part. Our consciousness does not need to ascend. All we need to do is remember all knowing is within us, but I would say it is infinite in that when you go within you find no within only find your consciousness everywhere. Life is not a school. It isn’t all about spiritual growth. This is God, All That Is the One Consciousness becoming the many to experience Itself. We are the eyes ears and hands of God on this earth. As consciousness we are never “infants” we have always been and always will be. Life here is something we do with eternity, we create reality and then enter it to see what it is like. We make symbols material items objects to relate to. Someday yes we will surpass this where we are just pure consciousness but once all life forms get to that point after a timeless time in ever new bliss of our oneness we do it all over again..create new realities a new big bang. So why be in a hurry enjoy the journey. There is no where you have to go nothing you have to be…just be with the Isness of the moment that is where your power lies.

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