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Question by Yunster: Has anyone done 3 sciences in VCE?
Has anyone done 3 sciences in VCE (i.e bio, chem, physics)? was it hard? did u get good marks (A or A+)?

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Answer by MistyRose
Im really not sure about VCEs but Im doing 3 sciences in IB. I had to write to the IBO to apply because IB wants you to choose subjects from different areas.

I must say it is really really really hard. I am seriously struggling. Last year I was top of my year group for Science. This year, I have to stay up till past 1 o clock to maintain my place LOL!. My best friend who is doing 2 sciences (chem and physics) complains allllll the time that she can’t cope.
So it depends on you.

If you are willing to work your brains out. But overall if i get the chance to choose again, I wouldn’t do all 3. way to stressful.

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