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Question by DS: Harvest Moon Ds: How to get mystic tools?
I have completed all three mines so far, and notice that when you have the options for upgrading tools there is an option “Mystic”. I am just wondering if this is another ore I haven’t come across.. Or a glitch in the game maybe?
If any one can shine any light on this I’d be be greatful.


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Answer by procrastinator
(Mythic tools, you mean)..First you have to have all 6 tools at Mystrile level.
Then, you have to find all 6 cursed tools in the 3rd mine, and get them blessed.

The floors to find the cursed tools:

After you have done that, you can then find a Mythic Stone (you can only have one in your possession at one time).

A mythic stone can be found in the 3rd mine:
From floor 0 to 255, every floor that ends in 0. From floor 255 to 999, every floor that ends in 5.

Then you can get Gray to upgrade your tools to Mythic level.

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