Question by The Bishop: Genetic Modification?
I was just wondering how far genetic modification has gone – is it yet possible to create a plant that scuttles around and eats meat? If not, how soon will that be possible, and how much will they cost?

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Answer by Jordan
Really, genetic modification has no limits, but it’s only so far until we lose our humanity if we keep changing ourselves. If all government bans were lifted on genetic modification, we could see some nasty products in deed…
But that will only happen with the fall of all religion, and that hasn’t been given a date yet.
With religion gone, people could modify themselves with out beoing scrutinized by the church.
But again, how long would it take us to make ourselves into a new species?
There are some that argue that genetic alteration is they way humans were ment to evolve from now, but who knows? If we alterate ourselves, we may release an incurable disease or make ourself infertile. I do believe that we should proceed with caution but still practise genetic modification.

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