Question by Everyone please answer this?
First of all, look at my previous questions and the answers given.

My question is, why do I rarely get any logical or rational answers?

Can it be the fact that most Christians who answer these questions are VERY UNEDUCATED on their own religion?

Also, please see the blocked questions. Why would someone complain about a question other than the reason of wanting to block out what they don’t want to hear? Ignorance doesn’t solve anything people!


Christianity Before Christ by John G. Jackson

Egyptian Divinities: The All Who Are The One by Moustafa Gadalla

Egyptian Cosmology: The Absolute Harmony by Moustafa Gadalla

Historical Deception: the Untold Story of Ancient Egypt by Moustafa Gadalla

Egyptian Mystics: Seekers Of The Way by Moustafa Gadalla

Tut-Ankh-Amen by Moustafa Gadalla

Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought by James Bonwick

The Deeper Truth: Uncovering The Missing History Of Egypt by Richard Cassaro

Ancient Egypt: The Light Of The World by Gerald Massey

The Historical Jesus And The Mythical Christ by Gerald Massey

Gerald Massey’s Lectures by Gerald Massey

The Natural Genesis…Vol I and II…by Gerald Massey

The Book Of Beginnings….Vol I and Vol II…by Gerald Massey

The Origin and Evolution Of Religion by Albert Churchward

The Origin Of All Religious Worship by Charles Dupuis

Temple Of The Cosmos by Jeremy Naydler

Ruins Or Meditation On The Revolutions Of Empires And The Law Of Nature by C.F. Volney

Stolen Legacy by George M. James

Jesus..the Last of the Pharaohs by Ralph Ellis

Out of Egypt by Ahmed Osman

The House of the Messiah by Ahmed Osman

Jesus in the House of the Pharaohs: The Essene Revelations on the Historical Jesus by Ahmed Osman

Moses and Akhenaten: The Secret History of Egypt at the Time of the Exodus by Ahmed Osman

The Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt: The Secret Lineage of the Patriarch Joseph by Ahmed Osman

Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt by Rundel Clark

The Death Of The Gods In Ancient Egypt by Jane Sellers The Christ Conspiracy by Acharya S

Bible Myths and Parallels In Other Religions by T. W. Doane

Aryan Sun-Myths The Origin of Religion (1899) by Charles Morris

The Jesus Mysteries by Freke and Gandy

The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects by Barbara Walker

Jesus: God, Man, Or Myth? by Herbert Cutner

The Book Your Church Does Not Want You To Read by Tim C Leedom

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors by Kersey Graves

Pagan Christs by J. M. Robertson

The Christ Myth by Arthur Drews

The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth by Malik H. Jabbar

Jesus: Pagan Christ Or Jewish Messiah? A Skeptic’s Search For The Historical Jesus by Lawrence E. Dalton and Shirley S. Dalton

The Christ: A Critical Review And Analysis Of The Evidence Of His Existence by John Remsberg

The Jesus Puzzle: Did Christianity Begin With A Mythical Christ? by Earl Doherty

Where Judaism Differs by Abba Hillel Silver

Understanding Judaism: The Basics of Deed And Creed by Benjamin Blech

two volumes by George Foote Moore…Judaism I and II

To Be A Jew by Rabbi H. Donin

The Aryeh Kaplan Anthology vol. 1 and II

Celebrate: The Complete Jewish Holidays Handbook by Leslie Koppelman Ross

Living Jewish Life: Jewish Traditions, Customs, and Values For Today’s Families by Anita Diamant and Howard Cooper

The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels

Jesus And The Lost Goddess by Freke And Gandy

Fragments of a Faith Forgotten by G. R. S. Mead

The Gnostic Paul by Elaine Pagels

Pistis Sophia, A Gnostic Gospel by G. R. S. Mead

Did Jesus Live 100 B. C.?, by G. R. S. Mead,

Thrice Greatest Hermes by G. R. S. Mead,

Early Christian Heresies by Joan O’Grady

Gnosticism, Judaism, and Egyptian Christianity by Birger Pearson

The True Origins of Christianity and the Bible by Andrew Benson

The Beginning Of Christianity by Andrew Welburn

Jung And The Lost Gospels by Stephan Hoeller

Gnosticism: New Light On The Ancient Tradition by Stephan Hoeller

Gnosis: The Nature & History Of Gnosticism by Kurt Rudolph

The Gnostic Scriptures by Bentley Layton

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WAIT, what is your question exactly? im confused by this all.

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