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Question by : Every moment we experience a new universe in reality?
Every moment that passes the universe changes, the state of the universe is seemingly altered by time and therefore the present universe is virtually new with each passing perception, this fact leads me to believe that reality is similar to a motion picture in that each passing moment creates a distinguishably changed or different universe, I have a theory that each moment we perceive reality our consciousness enters the corresponding “potential” universe based on the circumstances resulting from our thoughts, decisions and actions. Reality ends up being the path our consciousness perceived in the multiverse. Im studying physics with the hope of somehow testing this theory and applying it to our theory of quantum mechanics, multiverse theory and the concept of ‘time’.

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Answer by stephen r
You need to get a better grip on time, there is a reason it is called time/space, because it is not a constant. You are mixing up consciousness with physics I think :) You exist within the universe, on a linear path, for you, your reality is created by the second, built on by the past. The universe is not like you.

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  1. This sounds like a lecture topic, not a question…

    In truth, it is actually more complicated than you suspect. Have you ever heard of quantum erasers? That is when a wave function collapses, but then later becomes mixed with both possible states it could have collapsed to, and thus becomes unknowable again. The net effect is both the past and the future are in flux. So in a “multi-universe” theory, even the same present “reality” as many possible pasts. So you really cannot nail things down to just a set of parallel realities with a new reality being created each time an event happens. Rather you need an whole continuum of realized and unrealized possibilities, with “reality” skipping along among the continuum. Both your possible pasts and possible futures would change with each skip. e.g. Every the present is an interference pattern of every possible past that is consistent with the president. While there is no evidence QM applies to macro level objects, if an analogy might be suppose Schrödinger had two cats, one black and one white. Today the white cat observes the other is dead. You have a bell that goes off and tells you a cat is dead. Until you open up the case, you live in the reality where both the black cat dead, and the white is dead cat, but only one cat is dead. The next day you hear a second bell telling you both cats are dead. Until you measure time of death, you live in the reality where both the black cat died first and the white cat died first. Finally open it up to see which has been dead longer. Lets say you find the the white cat died first. Since the white cat is not alive to say otherwise, it is not inconsistent. The fact of the black cat dying first has been quantum erased, and now it is the white cat that died first in the universe in which you live. The past was rewritten, but it is OK so long as you don’t have proof of it being rewritten.

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