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Question by Sirius: Did The Ancients Know About Flight Before Modern Man?
The mahabarata tells of prehistoric vehicles that fly and show as radiant as the sun these vehicles were called Vimanas by the ancient Hindus. These beings that would step out would look just like a Hindu as if the Creator of all things sends you a angel of your bloodline.

The sumerian story of Gilgamesh points out that he meet Noah of the Hebrews but calls him Utpishtim, Gilgamesh the giant also goes to a place that he can seen shine as bright as the sun which I assume to be Atlantis or a place where these gods where dwelling. During his journey with Enkidu threw the water he tells of Flying fiery Chariots that pass over his head oppisite of the direction he is going. Toward babylon where Noah/Utpishtim came from.

Enkidu is taking to Nibiru (another planet) by gods who were from the place Gilgamesh sees showing brightly as the sun, which I assume to be Atlantis , in the tallons of a Eagle Enkidu was taken up, The reason I know he was in outer space because he gives details as what the earth looked like way above the firaments. He says the earth looked like a mill path and the water as a water troph. He goes on and says it also looked as a Jiggsaw puzzle, modern day astronauts of Nasa say the same exact thing.

Native American and Mayans among many other indian tribes tell of beings that rode in the sky in star ships and dwelled on a planet among the star constellation of the pleiades. Kukukalcan and Quetzocoalt were said to be bearded men of light skin similar to the tone of a indian mayan.

Enoch of the Cushites have tales of him being brought among the constellation Orion (heaven) by gods who rode in creatures that showed as light and smoked as a furnace, the same thing happend to Elijah of the Shemite/Hebrews 200 years later. The thing is that these gods where said to look as men with dazzling appereal on. They called these men mighty men of Yahweh, these men were said to be as a black man.

The egyptians along the Nile have tales of Mighty highly advanced beings that flew in the heavens in fiery boats. They called these beings Zep Tepi.

Long runway like markings runs for 1000 of miles in the deserts of Peru, they date back 2,000 years ago when the ancient nascans dwelled thier. Legends say that gods came down who was similar to the nascans with extraterrestrials and landed and used these fields to ride and practice thier flight in there ships.

The stonehenge has always been a mystery I beleive the european giants built it to make contact with angelic alien men who rode in spaceships and looked like them.

So do you beleive the ancients knew about flight before mordern man?

Ecclesiastes 1:11

The Old Testament says nothing is new

9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

10 Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.

11 There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.


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Answer by markar
Hello,,only after looking back over their shoulder did anyone discover the future.

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  1. of course pre-modern people knew about flight:- they could see birds doing it.

    if you see a bird fly it is normal human imagination to wonder what it would be like if a person did that.

    did you really think that there were no birds before the twentieth century?

  2. (Someone got the existence of birds answer before me! but I’ll add a bit…)

    Humans have a tremendous capacity for anthropomorphising the behaviour of both animals, and inanimate objects. (I have some animistic beliefs and don’t see them as being in conflict with a scientific model)

    I suspect that to ancient man, that the behaviour of planets/meteors was easiest described as being akin to the flight. This would then make humans consider how they could achieve flight, after all in many cultures mortal humans could become Deity. Perhaps if they made a flying machine they’d become one.

    I’m a little dubious about the theory that the Nazca lines etc were made to be viewed from above. A town planner doesn’t route the roads to be seen from above, but it could be deduced that he did, because they’ll use an overhead projection (ie a map) to figure out what should go where.

    Thought it was Merlin who moved the stones (by magic) for Stonehenge (another theory, maybe both/all are correct in someway)

    Interestingly the version I know says the blue stones came from Northern Ireland The stone at the indicated location, is indistinguishable from that in Wales where the archaeologists recon it came from.

    While they may not be so old, here two more “tales” which include flying machines…

  3. aliens were here before modern mankind

  4. Yahweh and His angels knew all about building flying ships thousands of years before any human did.

  5. Unlikely. The ancients describe many fabulous things.

    You could also argue that because all ancient cultures describe people with the ability to shapeshift, there must have been people with that ability.

    Flight has always been part of the human imagination. But I doubt there were any real ancient Daedaluses. And naturally sky-gods are imagined with a heavenly version of some earthly transport — be it a ship, chariot, cup, horse or bull.

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