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Question by handyman: Could modern detective work solve many an ancient mystery?

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Answer by Ratto
Of course.
Imagine how Jack the Ripper would be caught if there was DNA and finger printing!

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  1. We are very rapidly getting to the point when forensic science will virtually always be able to determine “who dunnit.” We will then have to fully face the fact that our “justice” system is nothing but a lot of perverse rules and antiquated procedures that are almost guaranteed to produce injustice, and that we have been so accustomed to injustice for such a long time that we really have no clue about what to do with people once we sort out who is actually innocent and who is actually guilty.

  2. Cute cartoon. That Mother Goose squad is going to be some busy! Actually, WHY are most “fairy tales”, intended for children, so grim? (pun intended)

    They have tried quite a few times to figure out “whodunit” with Jack the Ripper. I think we will never know, unless someone somewhere has a signed confession that can be authenticated, because there has been no real “forensic evidence” saved from those murders.

    I vote for the Canadian doctor….Not that I particularly want to see another Canadian serial killer unmasked, but because he had motive and opportunity and the skill required. I always though it was done because of some sort of “research” into how the body functions…

    If we are honest with ourselves, the same thing goes on today, where people are being “harvested” of their organs so that the black market can make thousands selling them to recipients who don’t CARE where they have come from–they just want to live!

    I would welcome, though, the day where EVERY criminal is caught. And punished according to the severity of his crime. The problem with our justice system is that we are too lenient on criminals! One thing we could certainly learn to do better.

  3. The modern forensic methods available to both law enforcement and other scientists would make some ancient mysteries easier to solve. We are fortunate to live in an era when knowledge is expanding at such an amazing rate and curiosity seems endless.

  4. Indeed, it happens every time I get an x-ray!

    Seriously, yes it could. With the use of carbon age dating, they are already capable of knowing the age of dinosaurs and early humans…trees as well.

    Then, you throw in DNA knowledge and they can link findings to other findings which gives us a thread to follow historically.

    Forensics, can give a world of information about many ancient mysteries, pertaining to the mammals whose remains are fossilized/mummified.

  5. and sometimes they create another mystery. Discovery Channel did a special on “The Cocaine Mummy’s of Egypt”. DNA testing showed they had the drug in their system. Rather amazing since the coco plant only grows in South America.Did reed boats make it across the Atlantic roughly what 5,000 to maybe 10,000 years ago.Did the natives of south America walk up to them and say
    ” here try this leaf , one day the world will pay as much for this as gold…speaking of gold we have plenty of that too”. Every day technology advances and every day I get stupider ! One day the dictionary will have a word – Technomoron- my picture will probably be there.Whoa spell check is cursing me now.

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