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i have essays to write about tomorrow in chemistry. so can someone explain to me about what each one is talking about?

1) explain what a mole is and how it is useful in chemistry.

2.) compare and contrast the structure of an oxygen atom, an oxygen ion, and O subscript 2 molecule and hte isotopes O-15 and also O-16. Include information on protons, neutrons, and electrons.

3.) explain how to name compounds. give examples of acids, ionic compounds, molecular compounds, polyatomic ions, and metals with more than one ionization number.

thanks again. :]

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Answer by ilovelifelovemusic
1) a mole is just a way to express quantity. 1 mole is just 6.02 x 10^23 of anything, just like how a dozen is 12 of anything.

2) An Oxygen ion has a 2- charge. (two extra electrons) An oxygen atom has two oxygens bonded together with a double bond. (sharing 8 electrons total) And an isotope of 15 is saying you have one less neutron. (check this though)

3) acids: -ic acid. (hydrochloric acid, nitric acid). Ionic compounds: first element name plus second -ide. (sodium chlorIDE) Molecular compounds: use mono, di, tri, etc. water: dihydrogen monoxide) polyatomic ions: you have to remember the anions (phosphates, phosphites, nitrates) and than just write it like ou wold an ionic compound. .

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