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Question by siMmY: best time to get the mystic tan?
i have a party to go to on friday night. i wanted to get a mystic tan because it’s a costume party and i don’t tan that easily. if the party’s on friday, when would be the best time to get it done? tomorrow’s wednesday so should i get it then so it has time to settle in and reach it’s “peak” color by friday? if i do it on thursday will it look “fresher” on friday? or does it not matter – will it come out the same no matter when?

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Answer by rachelpachel
do it as soon as you can because if it doesnt turn out as you planned, then you have time to fix it or to get darkened some more. have fun at the party!

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  1. –Wed. is PERFECT! This gives you time on Thursday to check for any streaking (you may use Mystic After Tan lotion the day after to even – out the color/darken it). Also, in my experience, my “tan” appears richer/deeper/more natural on the second day. Additionally, the smell of the self – tanning ingredient in Mystic becomes less noticeable after day – 2. I strongly recommend using Mystic HyperTan before getting into the Mystic booth. This product shortens the time you have to wait to shower/exercise etc. by 50% (2 hrs.), reduces the odor of the self-tanner and supports a more even and darker result. Remember to moisturize on thursday and friday:)

  2. i had one done back in may, and it rocked! i got mine done on a tuesday, and my tan looked amazing by thursday. make sure you follow directions (they should have you watch a video, and if you done get any of the ‘movements’ make sure you ask. and when you go to get it done, wear baggier clothes, and nothing that really matters.. just incase some of the bronzer spray does get onto them. (no body told me about the ‘what to wear’ so i always give a heads up, bc i had some weird marks from my clothes.. oh well, i know for next time.) oh, and if you miss any spots, just put some of a bronzer lotion on the area.. i have the ‘Dove – energy glow’ (i think thats what its called..) and its awesome for the white areas.. ie underarms.

    i hope this helps! :)
    - andie

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