Jul 192012

Question by somegirl: Are there any graduate programs to study Neurology or neuroscience?
I’m a biology student but do not have the gpa for med school (3.5). I am interested in research and maybe working with biotechnology.

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Answer by Marie
I have no idea what the other poster is going on about. ;-)

There are graduate programs in both, yes. You can take a master’s or PhD in neuroscience. (Probably in neurology too, although I do tend to think of that as the medical specialty.)

FWIW, 3.5 is not necessarily going to keep you out of med school, if that is what you really want to do–though if your interest is research you may indeed be a better candidate for a PhD. Talk to your guidance office or a teacher you trust. But don’t let one number convince you that anything is out of the question.

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