Question by Ashe: alchemists?
i’m not exactly sure where to put this question but maybe i’ll get some good results… here goes: i was wondering all about alchemists. i don’t know much about them except whn i played the Nancy Drew game Curse of Blackmoor manor it played a large amount on alchemists so i was wondering if anyone could tell me about them. like, everything from A to Z… thank you!

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Answer by howlingengines
Alchemists were , up to about the 18th century,what scientists are now. Isaac Newton was one , as were Copernicus and Keppler.The basic idea was the production of the Philospher’s stone , which would give the alchemist infinite power.There was an Italian , in about 1920 , called Fulcanelli who claimed to have done this, but he disappeared.
There is much history here , not only European but also Arabic and Chinese alchemy.I could go on for about 1000 pages , but I’ll leave that to you!

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