Jan 112012

oh oh oh

  25 Responses to “Pilot-Magic (Lyrics)”

  1. Thumbs up if you first heard this song on happy gilmore!! :D

  2. @Alejandra09889 for real


  4. Like if u hate when singers make remakes of good classic songs :)

  5. Selena Gomez is a puta!!!

  6. 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s > modern day crap

    I was born in the wrong time.

    1999 was okay, but..

    ….the good old days are better. :>

  7. Shit i thought i was over the Selena Gaymez ripping off this song… But… Im not…

  8. @thetalkingfist1 killed what your humor

  9. @rukiaguy no no no u killed it

  10. oh oh oh its mai dick

  11. @pineapplelover97

    Yeah x3


  13. Shoullddn’t matter how old you are, or if you hate gomez (but like seriously… why do you all keep commenting about her .__. go hate her on one of her own songs) what should mattter is that you proudly listen to this song while dancing around in your room like the freaks we all are :) <3

  14. 2011 almost 2012 and I’m still in love with the song <3 :D it’s magic you know? ;)

  15. an error occured.Please try again later. NOOO I WANNA LISTEN TO THE SONG

  16. Kind of sad that most of the comments have something to do with selena gomez, if i didn’t know better, i’d assume that it took a cover from selena gomez from people to actually even listen to this song.

  17. superAlex1325 alot people hate selena

  18. @flyfree1311 me too, except I’m 11

  19. nice magic trick

  20. no…it not magic!!! :P

  21. @flyfree1311 Hey I’m 13 and I prefer this over modern day crap. :3

  22. @SuperAlex1325 FINALLY SOME SELENA HATERS!!! 

  23. this is a classic song. but i don´t like the Selena´s Gomez version its awful!!!. Like a cofee without sugar

  24. Love this song!!!!♥♥

  25. This is a classic..!
    I dont like selena’s version! D;

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