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Persian Music , Mystice – Axiom Edit by : ara

THE MYSTIC’S DREAM January 24, 1993 – Granada, Spain…evening…lights across the city embrace the body of the Alhambra; the smells of woodsmoke and food hang in the narrow streets. Rambled around the Moorish section of the city; picked up a little gold mirror, an incense burner, a tiny bottle of perfume…Reading Idries Shah’s book The Sufis, prefaced by Robert Graves. “…a secret tradition behind all religious and philosophical systems, Sufis have significantly influenced the East and West…They believe not that theirs is a religion, but that it is religion….The ‘common sufi’ may be as common in the East as in the West, and may come dressed as a merchant, a lawyer, a housewife, anything…to be in the world, but not of it, free from ambition, greed, intellectual pride, blind obedience to custom, or awe of persons higher in rank.”…It appears there may be an association with the Druidic order of the Celts.
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  47 Responses to “Persian Music , Axiom Of Choice – Mystics”

  1. perfect.i love it

  2. is this on the Unfolding album becuz i have it
    incredibly talented

  3. the best song i like it

  4. lol sorry ende ahang bod, yany ye ahange aali bod
    oftad? nashnidy migan endesh bod? ;)

  5. What does this mean?

  6. If you did not tell me this was Iranian music i would have said it was Turkish. Very beautiful music!

  7. This music is so good, I can almost imagine I’m watching a live performance many hundreds of years ago.

  8. Hi there – interested in your theory here – can you enlighten me?

  9. what art you makE?(:

  10. dost aziz be aghideye man in sedaye hesamedine seraaj

    mavafagh bashid

  11. what’s this fuss about kazemi? Who has abducted whose song? Can anyone tell the true story, please?

  12. چنانکه هستم، هستم

    چنانکه هستم، هستم
    That’s just gorgeous. Thanks for posting. Can anyone say who the the vocal is? absolutely beautiful.

  13. wonderful,thanks

  14. are you sure this is Shahrame Nazeri?

  15. Awesome, awesome,

    Thanks God that there are still some who make meaningful nice songs.

  16. I Soo rock this Album on my ipod…….It keeps me inspired when Im creating my art!

  17. That is the devine voice of Shahram. Absoulutely amazing. He has done a great job in combining Kurdish and Persian to create something that can truely be called Irani

  18. butuful work

  19. onunuzde saygiyla egiliyorum.
    sanatiniz ruhunuza islemeseydi boyle bir hayranlikla dinlemeyecektim.

  20. IRAN RULLLZ!! irani culture is the greatest one of the TERRA…the muzical culture of iran is the father of european muzic and not only…salutation from a romanian..

  21. how beautiful is this music!

  22. If it’s true that this Kazemi person has nicked the original, then shouldn’t he be reported for copyright violation?
    I really can’t stand his stupid whining.

  23. This H.Kazemi person has nothing to do with Axiom Of Choice, he just took the music of Axiom without authorization and sang on top of it and made a cd. He has never worked with anyone from Axiom of Choice. Talk about originality.

  24. Bravo…cool cool …original…brilliant! Let there be more of those authentic Persian and Kurdish mysterious, nostalgic and joyful dancing sounds and tunes…

  25. damet garm

  26. From the most valuable things that Canada has offered to humanity…

  27. This song is so beautiful i cant get enough of it.

  28. I love Loreena. She makes me feel closer to the roots of ancient people that lived before me. She uses to awake a part of my brain that sometimes I forget I just knew.

  29. Uilleann Pipe
    not a Saxophone

  30. @wantsababy2006 im sorry. it is not my place to say what she is or isnt :)

  31. @wantsababy2006 im sorry. it isnt my place to say what she is or isnt :)

  32. @machacra she is not wiccan so just STFU right now and just listen to the song

  33. She sings in the genre of Celtic according to herself. :)

  34. schön zum träumen von meiner riki gg

  35. i love this pagan singer but i think she might be wiccan am i right?

  36. That was fabulous!!
    She’s an amazing talent, and I loved the images… subtle & beautiful, just like her.

  37. This is one of my favorite songs… I really love it. But where is this version from? It’s not the album version off “The Mask and Mirror”.

  38. Little hard to believe she’s a canadian broad, eh?

  39. Isn’t she just gorgeous and the quintessential celtic female voice love it!

  40. this song is brilliant, perfect soundtrack to any adventure!!!!!

  41. Thanks for this – and i can really use the lyrics!

  42. If you listen to the other songs of mystics dreams it is saxophones about 3 minutes in the song…

    This was live, right? So I think they put aside the saxophones.

  43. hmmm… I’m pretty sure there aren’t any saxophones in the original, but maybe some other instrument, it’s like a low droning sound… I think. I’m glad you like this! :D It’s from her live concert.

  44. I really like this more cuz this is the only version i found without the saxophones in the song.

  45. this si song is cool is so nice thx uploader :X :P

  46. Thank you so much for your lovely commen! :D I really enjoyed making the video!

  47. beautiful, im happy to read the lyrivs along woith e wonderful music, thx for posting this

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