Nov 052011 — Looking for personal development seminars? top performance coaching ? Not having the best success coach will slow you down. Get free advice from t harv eker and learn more from peak potentials training seminars

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  1. Here’s the main point: You can practice challenging the cobra of fear. And you will be successful.

    The most reliable way to do this is with physiology. Transform the first inner feeling of fear as a signal to look and act the part of a radiantly confident version of you.

    Put a look of confidence on your face and straight you shoulders. Your mind and thinking will follow suit. Then take decisive action.

    You will be successful and you will form the habit of facing fear.

  2. If only it were this simple! I work from home and actually do make good money but I work hard. If anyone is interested in a REAL opportunity to make good money by working hard then join my team! Just email me: or skype me for a chat on: anthony62155.

  3. No team without a coach or athlete can perform as good as the ones with the one. I have spent a lot of money on different programs and can say money well spent. Of course we can try to do it ourselves but it will take a lot more time if ever. And another thing I noticed the more expensive course the better results I get. So I would say save your money invest in your education.

  4. @vinylmerchant Also, when you are talking to people who are pro this group keep this in mind. They a) really believe. b) paid thousands of dollars with no change but their ego won’t let them admit they got screwed or c) they are members of the staff of this group responding to comments positively to suck you in. Just food for thought. Anything you would “learn” there can be done yourself with self confidence and being prepared with facts and experience. Save your money!

  5. @vinylmerchant Come on, charging thousands of dollars for this “training” is really supposed to make you a better business person? Go read up on this group. There are people out there that have made real claims that this group took their money for the seminars in advance only to find there wasn’t one in their area eventhough they were told there would be. No refund. No more customer service. Nothing. Look it up for yourself.

  6. @vinylmerchant I see you’re point. Thanks. I guess I’ve just never felt that I need to have my life “changed”, as I’m happy with the way it is. It’s unfortunate that there are so many people that feel they need to attend these seminars to make those changes to their lives that they so desire. The founder of this company is “brilliant” to see there are these people out there that will dish out thousands to attend.

  7. @beadya

    Brilliant and well done! You were very fortunate to have that upbringing and you made the most of it! As you know, their are many people who just need to be shown that the way they currently think is not neccessary true. It’s just what we’ve learned. If we can learn a new way, and more importantly apply it, then we can change our lives. Unfortunately some people only do the listening and not applying, then creating ‘Self help addiction’ which may be what you mean be ‘screwed up’

  8. @vinylmerchant You’re right, maybe I shouldn’t judge people who try to better themselves with this training. I was blessed with having the best parents a person could ask for that gave me all the motivation I need. Fact is I know people who have joined this cult and are more screwed up than ever, sad part is they can’t see it. As to the answer to you’re question, I am a self made millionaire that started with “zero” financial handouts, just an upbringing that taught me hard work.

  9. @drewby7777

    Why does that make it a scam?

  10. @beadya

    Can I ask what your net worth is? And did you make it yourself? If you are already a self made millionaire and didn’t need anything like this then I will understand your point.

    I know many people that go to these seminars and earn back far more than the money they pay. Not just financial gains either.


    30billionaireschangingtheworld dot kom

  12. This section of the training was some of the most powerful learning I have ever done. Harv’s courses go on to give you a slew of opportunities to put it to the test, and this is the core of that teaching. I am endlessly grateful to Harv for the powerful teachigs he has made so easily available to me. This is a grreat path to learning the meanings in your every action, not just your doodle meanings.

  13. There is no Miracle You Cannot Have when You Desire Healing.” ~ A Course in Miracles

  14. Allah says “So, Verily, with Every Difficulty, There is RELIEF:” (Al-Inshirah 94:5-6)

  15. Harv’s courses are life-changing; each one is worth 10 times it’s cost – as long as you take action. This video is a great reminder of what separates the great from the rest – taking action in spite of fear. It is not that they don’t have fear, only that they have tamed it. Thank you Harv.

  16. I can’t beleive people pay thousands and thousands of dollars to go these seminars

  17. que senor tan picudo.. MR Harv es ested un picudo

  18. This is a GIANT SCAM!! I was just at a hotel in N.Y. and this group’s “warrior training camp” was going on. We didn’t know this when we booked there. The participants couldn’t smoke or drink even after the lectures. I saw ADULTS turn into a bunch of automatons that did everything this clown’s staff, all dressed in drab green, told them. They were up in the tennis courts at 6am yelling at the top of their lungs military style. Of course the fact that everyone else in the hotel was awoken as well.

  19. Man! The coin this guy is raking in! Each of those zombies poneying up all that dough… wow what a gig he’s made for himself.

  20. lol at 3:35 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The principles I have learnt at Millionaire Mind Intesive have changed my life for the better. We can have such enriched lives, and I dont mean having money, its goes beyond that. I cant wait to attend his other seminars, T.Harv Eker is incredible and what he shares with us is priceless.

  22. I am truly grateful for coming across these videos and training. T Have Ecker you are amazing. Thanks for the inspiration, gone are my fears. I am going for it now!!! Destiny

  23. that’s so true

  24. peak potential training is awsome guys…u guys all should attend
    im goin to EWT dis summer

    TMTeed u have to go to dat training man

  25. this guy is speaking to the ones who are ready.

  26. I’m currently influencing like 5 people

  27. peace x

  28. @smallpotatoes989 Dear one, he lives in South India near the City of Chennai (Madras). Please write me a message and we can talk more about it.

  29. where does this master lives? can I visit him. he inspires me more than any other gurus.

  30. wow what a great responsibility.

  31. god I love this guy. I am an enlightened man been for about 2 years but stilll do not know much!

  32. Absolutely Right!

  33. Oh my God. This is so powerful. It is just tremendous. The collective karma of these videos surfacing

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