This link was to the thread about the authors house. Which was a very interesting thread because it was walking you through the process that took place, up until his house was demolished. Luckily, because of these good people, it can be proven that the thread existed, because if they had not copied it, most people wouldnt know that it did. Now, on the other hand, this alone, since the rest of the thread is gone, might make one wonder if what he said about his house was made up. I mean where is the proof, anybody could say these things, and this is where it gets good. I copy and paste links to research when I run out of time and I found one of the links in my saved files. I wish I had the others, because it had some really good information, but this one shows how he complied and got the proper permits. Then shows how they reneged on what they said after he had spent a large sum of money to comply. And it shows a picture of his car window with the date 13 on it, when it was towed, like he said, coinciding with the topic as read by clicking on the book cover in this link. Now, I will tell you another strange thing, you cant buy his books in stores, believe me, I tried. The sales rank on Amazon when I bought this book was around 1000 in ranking. So, if you are unfamiliar with this, that is the top 1000 of all books in the world sold by them. When I went to Barnes $ Noble to try and get OLD WORLD
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