PARIS in cheeky GPS chip slip
Our space plane electronic kit laid bare Following the recent test of the Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) APRS/GPS telemetry transmitter, designed to allow us to track the Vulture 1 space plane as it glides into the history books, we had a couple of emails asking just what electronic wizardry went into this neat piece of kit.…
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Tracking family history: ‘This is a never-ending quest’
Old documents from the Yuba County Courthouse. Records from the library in Marysville. Answers that lead to more questions. And an old gray building that “makes Hogswart look like Club Med.” Terry Blaine’s reference to the school of wizardry in the…
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Dillon hits ground running at U.S. Cellular
New CEO tours stores, other facilities to meet employees For all the electronic wizardry at her disposal, Mary Dillon often defaults to more old-fashioned methods of keeping in touch.
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