Jan 282012

IS THERE ANYBODY LISTENING…You, that have been searching for Planet X and Nibiru and ELEnin, and have not established a Loving and Obedient Relationship with the ALMIGHTY Creator, looking to Others and into the Clouds for the Answer, instead of looking to the ALMIGHTY and into the Scriptures, You have brought calamity upon Yourselves… The Answer is in the Scriptures, and Great and Marvellous secrets are revealed to they that Fear NONE, except the MOST HIGH, and Live Uprightly and Fairly in front of the SOVEREIGN’S face… As You mapped the latest HAARP activities across the Globe, trying to find out what and where was the next Global Calamity to Strike the Land; concerned with what the Gurus and the Pundits and the Sages had to say, and not with what the Placed-Apart Writings say; following what the Hollywood Stars are doing; pursuing the obtaining of all manner of Worldly Possessions; dulling the Brain and the Senses with drugs and alcohol; feeding Your children chemicals and junk, marring their capability to think logically and independently; placing Yourselves in front of Screens, as You absorb Lies and Deception; running after Wolves and Hirelings, dressed in the cloak of Religion, Global Doom of unparalleled proportions is occurring right in front of You, though unseen by Your untrained Eye… Concerned with matters of the World, instead of matters pertaining to the Spiritual Realm, You have fallen asleep at the wheel, and have sold Yourselves as Debt Slaves
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When the girl who stole Eden’s boyfriend shows up, Eden learns that revenge is best served by other people.
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  50 Responses to “NOA News Alert: 11:11…The Global Awakening to The Spiritual Consciousness of The One…”

  1. your all so fuckin stupid 11:11 is not good its demons playing with you numerology is all demonic dont accept these numbers

  2. Answering your question: Yes. My awareness level has increased to a point where I notice every single detail that goes around me its not even funny! One time I was talking to a teacher and I always tought she was nice to me an all but something happened that day that will change the rest of my life. For some reason she began to shrink in some way, but I felt really powerful when talking to her and even now when I talk to people.

  3. For the last 10yrs or so..everytime I look at the clock I not only see 11:11, but 2:22, 3:33 etc. My phone numbers..2956, 2+9 and 5+6..etc…4518409594 and 4099545189 (scrambled) even my birthday every digit adds up to 10′s. ..But 11:11 is prominent on the clock. Even my children and close friends have noticed. Don’t know if it means anything but I just thought it odd to run across this vid ..while researching the pineal gland..lol.

  4. dammit I missed it what now?!


  6. Say NO to the dirty lies of christianity.

    Christianity is a lie and is the most sordid pretext of maximum power in the name of false and mendacious love that literally walks over dead bodies wihout hesitation or scruple. “Backed by the false doctrine of the New Testament, the Christian cult religion meddles in the politics of all countries. Moreover, it is not embarrassed to interfere in the most intimate family life of human beings

  7. I feel like killing anything near me that’s alive right now.

  8. then again, maybe its a spiritual evolution. we dont know so please dont get worried….youll have a panic attack! us humans have been bred to choose our own destiny, not to be controlled. if you say that the bible and god is the “only” way to go, then youre actually hurting anyone who reads this message of yours. in this tense time, most people who havent been following the changes of the earth over the past 100 years or so, will most definitely believe DOOM and not change. just relax buddy ;)

  9. well, ive been seeing the #s 11:11 on digital clocks since i was in my early teens and dont yet seem to grasp something as simple as the bible. doesnt mean im (with a big echo) GOING TO HEEEEELLL!! it just means, like many others like me seeing those pretty #s, our higher knowledge will be activated at the right moment and will hopefully be used to help guide others to safety. whatever that is, we dont know yet. if this upcoming god made apocolypse is to happen, were meant to die, not survive.

  10. Idiot.

  11. I had a dream not to long ago about one red moon and when I went to get a closer look, it left but then there was 11 white moons and I counted them. I asked God what it meant, I was told we r in the 11th hour. Since then all I see is 11:11, 11, everything is 11. And feeling the power is real if people would believe, they would feel it to and then they couldnt deny its real.

  12. @StellarXplorer yes they are

  13. this is dumb. its december 7 and the world is still fucked.

  14. Awhile ago I got numerous 11:11 time prompts which got me to research 11:11. Then I realized that people who receive 11:11 prompts also know about the New World Order. 11:11 blogs talk about midwayers and people talking to these midwayers. But how do we know its not Satan deceiving us? Does the Bible really say anything about Midwayers and 11:11?

  15. laughing.

  16. @freesmithy this makes me realize, god is not true, thank you for your enlightenment

  17. no 11:34, which bothers me cause its hell upside down, but then again i know that and just probably notice it more

  18. I agree that before the human race can fully know love and peace things have to get worse. Like a learning process. At the moment i know animals that value peace more than many humans do!
    I have spent many years thinking about this stuff because i care about everone in this world and hate the things that happen.
    If God is so powerfull i don’t see why he just didn’t fill his amazing creation with love in the first place. Loving does not need to be valued if you just love.

  19. @freesmithy God doesn’t force people to suffer like it’s a hobby. Human beings are in likeness to god and the angels, because human beings now have the ability to differentiate between what is good and what is evil. If there was no suffering, we wouldn’t know the value of goodness or peace, we’d be like plants or animals. What i’m suggesting is that you can not realize the fullness of love, until you accept that god is his own personal consciousness, he loves and knows you. Think about it please

  20. @yupyup1562 Oh my! Did you eat the bible or have a chip put in your brain containing it? The bible is control just like everything else on this earth is.

  21. @EliteAmericans I recognize the fullness of love and peace. Which is why i realize that God has been personified to relieve humans of any responsibility for our own lifes, making us submit to being ruled over!
    I mean if he is a seperate entity and created us with his love, why does he make so many suffer? Why does he threaten us with hell for eternity? That makes the so called X Bin Laden look like a saint.
    Our bodies r a tool for conciousness to view the great beauty it has created!

  22. @freesmithy Wrong. God is one with all people, but he is his own conciousness. There are not 6 billion gods living on the earth. You can not recognize the fullness of love and peace if you refuse to recognize God who created you with his own love. We can all be one with god but you must recognize who he is. He is not everyone else, he is Him.

  23. For undiputed proof that Comet Elenin is a man-made space craft please see my latest youtube video titled, Comet Elenin Alignment Corrections And New In-Formation. It’s crazy.

  24. So much crazy, so little time…

  25. FAIL!

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  42. lol after 2 episodes i was hooked! i love this show eden is so adorable

  43. who ACTUALLY put money into this…LOLOLOLOL

  44. Hey where can I find the other episodes please??

  45. good luck on your promotion, ur so funny and cute,

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  47. wow, I didn’t recognize you without my boyfriend sitting on your face!

  48. @Jaysteez7 quit being a unemployed actress lol.

  49. this is my fav episode. lol!!!!

  50. lmao

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