Apr 222014

Question by : neuroscience question about memory?
does anyone know what region of the memory banks people use to remember vocabulary? I am guessing it’s different from the one you use when you regurgitate information for a test that you take in college because you are trying to recall something u have known before that u didn’t premeditate on prior to you using your sentence you are either speaking or writing. I have known before that there is a long-term and short-term memory. But the region of memory for words where you have to remember something seems to be different when it comes to language or sentence structuring. So for any neuroscience experts here or for anyone who known, please let me know?

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Answer by Beavis Comeavis
Broca’s area is responsible for speech and that is in the parietal lobe. This is in the left half of the brain for right handed people and most of the time in the right half for left handed people.

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