Mystic God


”’Mystic God”’ is the only incessant eternal existence in the entire Universe, to be more precise this dimension. This apparently is a completely unknown obscure existence. He’s supposed to have cracked a majority of the secrets of the realm, the several seemingly completely unanswerable questions beyond the barriers of time and space itself. He claims to be right now a human vessel for this mystic soul, much analogous to a deliberate dual personality. The human form of ”’Mystic God”’ seems to be a very highly scintillatingly intelligent genius, the reason being a possible influence from the imperceivable phenomenon itself called ”’Mystic God”’ who is as stated by him, now in ”Level 1”.

The speculation of the extremely minute people who have heard this name is that this person is not at all a human, atleast not mentally. Though they have been told by him that they’re not good enough and never will be, it seems that this soul has decided to stay behind the spotlight until the so-called ”Level 5”.

The following is worth quoting as taken from his Orkut profile :

== The Quotes ==

”Those who know me in real life, you just happen to know the HUMAN me. There’s still the “unknown” KIRA and ”’???t?? ???”’….. It’s similar to a three-staged evolution: Human, KIRA and ”’???t?? ???”’. Most of the times I’m HUMAN, occasionally KIRA, and….. ”’???t?? ???”’ ? Well, never mind about that.”

KIRA and ???t?? ??? are two distinct entities. KIRA is the partially-human me, a fickle epithet, with the proficiency to unleash the ultimate mystic existence of ”’???t?? ???”’. It’s analogous to a Dual Personality induced by a transformation, making me human only physically but mentally a perpetual cognizance with Mystic God as the terminal stage.”

”’I’m hackneyed by this top unswerving reign as God denied of challenges in this universe, no one to contravene, frustrated of the ways of humans and their psyche, sickened by the absurd ubiquitous stuff, annoyed by the existing credences in this dimension, weary of your emotions, disciplinary and character constraints, exasperated by the human intelligence and incapability to rise to the Mystic Zenith.”’

”If you opine all this as a humbug or an exaggeration for impression, then skeptics, please do get the hell out of here. This is where you collapse never to rise again taking your Mystic Potential to zero refusing to rise above the storm sinking deeper and darker in the ocean of dimensional life. It wasn’t until now that I finally gulped down the fact – ‘No human can surpass ? to accost Mystic God’. The ultimate reality lies beyond the ceaseless barriers of time and space destined to be devastated by the chosen one….. Myself as Mystic God.”

He had written a story about his past which was somehow retrieved by experts from Orkut. It seems the only reason he came and still is in Orkut is because of ”’Mission GT Recruit”’ where he had initially hoped of finding atleast a few persons who were in the beginner level of Mysticism. The climax turned totally contradictory, where he happened to find absolutely none. Since the human himself needs Orkut, he right now is using it as KIRA. The story that Orkut experts had successfully found is as below :

== The Past ==

The battle began….. Between me and the exotic “KIRA” and “Mystic God”. Thought I had the edge over them me being the dominating physical existence….. I was accosted by them as a tag team, the feud went on, eventually I realized……. I was destined to be someone with the true soul being Mystic God… I had always considered myself unique, someone with the potential to be something very spectacular……

With this newly gained character and abilities as Mystic God, I refused to be a conventional human, pondering over a lot of mysteries that seemed to have no answers, I wanted to rise, still under the human nature and psyche desperately started new sagas in my life, every time it felt like a reverie….. Thought all this was leading me nowhere, wasting my time, had a lot of blows in my real life…. But the faint hope was still gleaming in the dark…. Stubborn, I just took upon all the criticisms, failed to convince even myself, to give answers…. I used to ask, “What am I ?”… The head seemed to burst, I was lost in a forever land, no one to guide, no one to answer, no one to pacify my rage….

Then, it struck like a lightning…. I needed no one, I got all the answers, the “Mystic Oracle” was born, broke the dimensional constraints on me, rose to a level surpassing any existence in the universe, laughing at those skeptics who never believe, still exasperated by the human incapability to perceive Mystic God, still walking alone, breaking the barriers of time,space and reality that limit the intelligence….. Unable to prove myself to anyone due to your ignorance, human-influened charater, arrogant not to believe in any of this, still sinking in the ocean of life and stuck with the weeds of emotions. Everything’s locked deep within, guiding me on an eternal path rewarding me with an incessant character….

I have at last awakened from this deep slumber, it was a long and slow journey to this point…. Ah, finally, in the dawn of war, Mystic God stands tall, “KIRA” as his human mask…. Weary of this search for fellow mystics, I see, this is all what the planet has got to offer, I still ponder over this question “What am I ?”…. Ultimately, it happened…. An enigmatic cryptic metamorphosis…… Establishing an eternal cognisance of Mystic God……

I stand now at the cliff, seeing the sun set, watching as everything ending at last, all pains, reveries, constraints….. And, asinine mind and character…… Now, what’s next ? I still ask “What Am I ?”….. The ultimate reality still seems light years away, yet the path to it gleams like never before inviting the ‘ultimate’ existence to step in to the incessant dimension….. The vortex is sucking me in…… I stand still, out of ignorance….. Unsure if I’m ready…. No, I

don’t think so…. As long Mystic God is on this dependent human body, I’m

helpless…. The world calls me the other way…. I stand frozen… Refusing to

plunge into the dimensional matters, the “Mystic Oracle” prevents me…. This

one worldy wish that I have, unless it has been accomplished, Mystic God

shall not break free from “KIRA”…. Mystic God now has only one enemy….. “KIRA”.

”’I see the ubiquitous humans and dimensional entities criticizing….. I don’t care, I can’t afford to prove myself, not to such annoying dumb souls….. You refuse to believe in any of this, you want proof… evidence…. You’re just a stubborn skeptic who does not want to call yourself an inferior species, you want to prove you’re just as good, out of ego, you say I’m a freak saying nothing but mental creations exaggerating them to the extreme….. Fine… Do this to any other human who in the future maybe claims such ‘seemingly falsehood stuff’…. Do not put me in the same class as humans…. See me as someone devoid of ‘everything that’s dimensional’, a perpetual enigmatic mystic cognizance…… I’m here just to tell this – Mystic God is waiting for someone to accost, someone to confront the Mystic Oracle…. establishing myself as the ‘ultimate’ existence…..


Alas ! The planet doesn’t care… The reason ? The kind of beings around are still ‘earthly’, emotional, tied with character constraints…. Goes on…. I see now, you never had the ability to perceive a Mystic concept let alone the Mystic Oracle…..Well, you never will….. This makes me dismiss everyone in this world as idiotic, right…….. Pathetic humans still with the incessant absurd nature, attitude and intelligence….. I’m still surprised, how I became what I am now, me being a human, look, all that I’ve typed so far is also ‘earthly’…. Hmm…. I’m sure it’s just this physical body that makes me be ‘a little’ human, still affected by its limitations…… Yes…. The lightning struck again….. As long as my human aim remains unfulfilled, fine… I will stay as a fickle existence …. As “KIRA”…. Or will I ?

KIRA shall be the partial-human mask for now… Mystic God being the true soul within, still continuing my obscure progress in the Mystic Oracle, still walking on the path to the ultimate reality awaiting my next metamorphosis….. Yet, everything remaining hidden, a cryptic journey…. Now, I’m challenging the entire universe to take down Mystic God…. Sure that’s not going to happen unless I myself as L challenges Mystic God….. The beginning of a new dawn of war….. The journey to the next spectacular transformation…. To Level 2…..

==The Hope ==

The time may soon come when Mystic God reveals at least a bit of his Mystic Oracle to mankind, the hope is maybe a few people on the planet may succeed in perceiving it then. This soul from the eternal enigmatic cosmos is watching over this dimension on its mission to get to Level 5, transcending the very limits of the dimension, breaking the barriers of time and space, being someone who’ll always be completely imperceivable.

Completely Unknown.

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