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Question by lone dissenter: Modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics have failed to convince you otherwise does some idiot?
Modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics have failed to convince you otherwise, is some idiot rolling around on the floor speaking in “tongues” all the evidence you need to “prove” Christianity

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Answer by The Former Yoshi
when you put it that way….

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  1. If people do not understand modern science, history, geology, biology and physics, due to a poor education, all they have is the idiot to follow as they know no better.

  2. Hell no. I don’t believe in tongues as jibberish. My life proves God. God has proven Himself to me in my personal life. Christianity is a walk with Christ. If I look to the example of a mortal then I will fail. I must look on Christ, not with my own understanding but on faith.

  3. I haven’t found any proof in any of the subjects listed above that contradicts anything in the Bible. Maybe if you had some facts, your argument might be somewhat challenging.

  4. Not sure. Ask again later

  5. Gazoo- whoa. It’s KITTENS and rainbows.

  6. Jesus is not some idiot, he is God!

  7. yes, some lady actually tried to use a youtube video of someone being resurrected from the dead of proof that God works miracles. haha. Yea science and evolution are a stretch, but a burning bush and talking snakes are so much more convincing haha

  8. Actually modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics have convinced me that the Bible is true.

    I can also point you to a 27 year old Atheist, who is both an MD and a PhD, and for him the study of medicine and science convinced him that the Bible was true too!

    Dr. Francis Collins, head of the Human Gnome Project:


  9. First of all, your complete argument is flawed. Science proves nothing. It just give the best guess for what is occuring with the current understanding of data. That being said I will begin to educate you.

    Actually modern Science has shown a great amount of evidence against evolutionary THEORY. I will outline a few areas for you, and you can if you would like to be educated, can look them up more. Just stay away from morons with preconceived notions with closed minds. There are a lot of so called evolutionist who toss out all evidence that contradicts them!

    The Fossil record continues to be expanded, but it’s finding are against evolution theory. There are a few out there like the finding of Lucy. Where they have maybe 7% of the scull and make it appear to be around 20% smaller than modern human sculls. This is suppose to be one of our ‘ancestors’. Note that carbon dating has apparently never been performed, or the results not publicly divulge! The only use of dating is by what layer in the grown it was discovered. That alone is quite humorous. Maybe she just fell down and died??? She apparently could not have been buried!!! Dating rock strata is a failed science anyhow. This is where guessing occurs of what the starting material of Earth was.

    The use of carbon dating is a very flawed area of science. It uses scientific GUESSES to date items. The largest guess work is in the area of trying to understand the starting material for the Earth. There is no way to know that, or to even be close. The use of what time line we needed to justify evolution was preconceived, and then numbers were FUDGED to equate the amount of time we needed.

    Evolutionist like to play the Constant game. Where everything since the beginning has held constant, like rate of decay. If we play this game, then realize the the Sun has been loosing 5 feet in diameter every hour. If that was CONSTANT, then 3.5 billion years ago it would have encompassed Mercury and Venus. It would have been so close to the earth (even with being 10 times less intense every Billion years) to not support life, or thus the creation of life.

    Interestingly there is not a single tree or other plant life on Earth that can be dated older than 4700+/- 150 years. Olderst trees are in Norther England, in dense forest that has never had logging conducted.

    On the cosmic scale, the force of gravity could have been any amount over and enormous range. Yet, it is in the EXACT spot to allow life to arise. This is both the gravity per mass, and cosmic gravity. Known as little g and big G respectively. There is much more cosmic evidence against the idea that this whole Universe was an accident!

    There is still no accepted idea of how life actually arose on Earth. The idea that the right material, and everything need to make a living cell just came together in the 100 million years that evolutionary science has allowed for it to POP in to existence is just laughable. Here is were preconceived notions has shot evolutionist in their foot. They should have allowed for more time for this original cell to form, but they made that time when they thought the cell was just a little ball of goo. Now we know that the cell is very complex, and maybe if we are lucky know 5% of what goes on in its vastly complex system.

    I could go on and on here stating the lacking of modern science to disprove the existence of a Creator. Currently there is more scientific knowledge that goes against the theory of evolution than supports it. That is why, there are more and more practicing scientist than are converting to the believers side of the isle. Some of them are exceptionally well respected and prominent scientist. Really only the closed minded, and old stubborn scientist really believe in evolution. It is quite sad that they use the separation of church and state to allow them to still teach the original material of evolution in high school, etc that hos not been known to be false for well over 25 years.

    If you want to stay in the dark and believe that science proves everything, I really do not care. Progress occurs one death at a time. Just do not try and mislead other, that evidence in on your side. Many evolutionist write books with half truths, and they really are easy to see. Like Dawkins latest book the God Delusion. I really like how his own colleagues called him out as a hack, misleading the reader. Evolutionist have so much infighting that they are doing Creationist’s work for them. I find it all quite hilarious!

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