Dec 182011

READ DESCRIPTION. Minecraft: Let’s Play Episode 1 – Presage Guys, Yes I do have mods, but I WILL NOT USE ANY MODS IN this Let’s Play series. This is the first episode, please stay tuned to the future episodes and like if you like it – haha!
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I dont know, i was just making a random video

  15 Responses to “Minecraft: Let’s Play Episode 1 – Presage”

  1. But, you should still make your voice more exciting. Btw Want to do a Colab?

  2. @ParivianGaming Oh Alright :) Well thanks for the comment haha!

  3. nvm it was my com

  4. Kinda

  5. @ParivianGaming Thanks! errr are you sure? D:

  6. Nice Video but i can Barely hear you… to bad :’(

  7. @LiLisaadorable Yeah yeah, i do! Videocopilot is awesome, i got the action essentials pack, and riot gear and all that good stuff…but none of the plug-ins…Yeah, but i do see indy mogul but not filmriot…

  8. @WincProductions awsome man freddiew is great! you should get more tips for other people like Filmriot, Indy Mogul, and Videocopilot ! :)

  9. @LiLisaadorable Thanks for “Reviewing” my video, much appreciated, but much of my work still needs improving! however, most of the time i try to follow your tips and freddiew’s tips. But thanks for your feedback!

  10. Hey man :) great video…here is what you did good, great intro i like the flare and the particles , very nice…extremely good choice of music, even though the video was’nt clear on what was going on you already felt the sense of depression because odf the color correction and music great job on that great shots, just tryen get some movement into the camera…and (i make this mistake alot too) but when theirs something very siumple hapeneing…nd some of the shots were a little too quick :)good

  11. well then ur promo was cool

  12. That was cool, but wtf?! I didnt follow any of it.

  13. @HeckTeckDude oh, and its not really a intro, more of a promo

  14. @HeckTeckDude thanks man, but your more of one than me!

  15. Awesome New Intro I Rate 1gazillion/10
    so awesome keep it up i have a feeling ur gonna beacoome a youtube celebertie :D

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