Jan 082012

Arthur wants to know why everyone keeps betraying him”
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EPIC new pictures have been released for Merlin series 4 featuring Morgana Le Fay, Merlin, Arthur, the Knights, Morgause, Gwaine, Lancelot, Elyan, and Guinevere. They are STUNNING and so beautiful. Honestly I was like jhfbvhjwevfbwj when I found them! Hope you enjoy watching! Music is Brand X ‘Lost Kingdom’ *fangirl hyperventilating*

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  1. Why is Celine Dion music playing in the background?! Am I the only one who hears that?!?

  2. @thesilvermoonbeam Correction. Morgana Was DEFINITELY Brainwashed By Morgause As Well As That Stuck-Up Alvarr. Than There’s Mordred Using His Angelic Appearance To Further Manipulate Her!

  3. @soundsofmelancholy I agree!!!!! I need to know the name of it!! It had me crying the first time I heard it too!


  5. @1DPIKI His childhood friend – Will, Freya – his girlfriend, Balinor – his father, Lancelot – his friend…. You remember them, don’t you?… XD

  6. @soundsofmelancholy Who keeps dying on him?

  7. @Han2011xxx I know! I love this music, too. It first played in the last episode of season 2, the one with Merlin’s father. It was so hauntingly beautiful, moved me to tears. I’ve always wanted to know ever since what it’s called. And now, this season it’s been playing on Merlin and Arthur emotional scenes. T.T Argh! I want to know the name of it.

  8. @DragonHeart613 True, true.

  9. @soundsofmelancholy At Least Arthur & Merlin Will Always Have Each Other…& Guinevere!

  10. I want to cry when Arthur’s sad.

  11. 1:48 For some reason I think Arthur’s thinking ‘I can always turn to Merlin for advice. He’s the only person I can trust.’

  12. This scene is beautiful, does anyone know the name of the baclground music??

  13. Merlin the Great!

  14. really thankful for Merlin’s support for Arthur when he really needs it.

  15. @thesilvermoonbeam What about Tristan, Odin and the others? Arthur sure is hated. But I suppose that’s to emphasise how significant he is. Those who are hated are those worth hating- he obviously had left a large print and has a lot of direction. ;)

  16. Well Morgana was sorta brainwashed by Morgause, Agravaine is still very angry over the death of his sister, and Guinevere was under an enchantment. Don’t blame yourself, Arthur.

  17. Merlin is such a gentleman to Isolde at the beginning!

  18. @soundsofmelancholy arthur: you’re too nice of a guy and too loyal although you act tough… thus the betrayal merlin: you’re too loved to die…thus the dying…=.= i am so callous.. sigh..

  19. instead, arthur should’ve asked, “why the hell didn’t i listen to merlin? i could’ve avoid this pandemonium!”.

  20. @thaiprincess29 Its a shame that it never happened.

  21. JUs iksdgilbsidbg??!! kiis/hug alreadyyy damn their tenstions are so high!!

  22. This is a sweet scene between Arthur & Merlin. I know Merlin wants to tell Arthur about Gwen telling him about Agravaine… you can tell that Merlin wants to tell Arthur about what happened to Gwen.

  23. I feel so sorry for my boys. :((( While Arthur keeps wondering why the people he cares for keep betraying him, I bet Merlin keeps wondering why the people he cares for keep dying on him. :((( *hugs both*

  24. Haha, every time at 1:12 I was like High5 sweet heart <3!! ;)

  25. Omg!! Tomorrow! Eeeeeeeee can’t wait!!! :D

  26. @xDarkenedAngelx Brand X ‘Lost Kingdom’ :-)

  27. What song is in the background?

  28. evil morgana is totally aiming for a bellatrix lestrange look ;)

  29. @evemorgan29762 hehe I know!! SATUDAY GET HERE ALREADY!!!

  30. Every time I see these pictures I get more and more excited!! Saturday needs to hurry up!!

  31. @evemorgan29762 Yeah evil Morgana is beautiful! And yey hurry up Saturday!!

  32. These pictures are lovely and Katie looks soo beautiful. Can’t wait for Saturday!!!! :)

  33. @Yuffilo I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!! HURRY UP MERLIN!!!


  35. @misshobbity Indeed! Our 2 favourite antagonists :D

  36. @14Daphnee14 hehe yeah!!! And evil Morgana is one of the reasons I am so excited I cannot wait to see what she is up to with Morgause!!

  37. @misshobbity we just can’t wait for season 4 aren’t we?? :D the season will be even darker… and with Morgana as the most evil of all… wow!

  38. @14Daphnee14 I know these pictures are just GORGEOUS!! I stayed up all night getting them I was so excited!!

  39. Wow!!!! :D So excited!!! *COMPLETELY IN LOVE*

  40. cant wait 13days left people woooo ;D <3

  41. @musicneedsmeaning XD

  42. @misshobbity dear lord its actually another me…. :P

  43. @musicneedsmeaning I was up late scrolling through Tumblr when all the new pictures appeared!! I was so excited I didn’t go to bed until like 6am!!!

  44. @misshobbity haha colin is just amazing :) its brilliant, how did you come by it?


  46. @musicneedsmeaning You’re welcome!! The Colin ones are currently gracing my bedroom wall ;-) And yeah I totally agree about Morgana, she is changed forever! Glad you like the music I chose! :-)

  47. @misshobbity yh who ever thought tht gaius could be so bad it was merlin tht slammed her against l wall though i will hate him 4 evere team morgana&morgause!!!!

  48. @joshua103768 Search ‘Merlin’s Keep’ and go to Season 4, then Promotional Photos :)

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