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Arthur finds Gwens ring that Morgana took while Merlin goes looking for Gwen
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Bradley’s acting is gorgeous here, the look in his eyes and face display so much of the raw emotion that Arthur would be feeling for Gwen

  2. Such a good scene. No words. Just pregnant with emotion…

  3. Merls you work so hard for these two idiots. You need to be made court advisor right now! Enough of this servile crap! Time for an upgrade!

  4. come on…how could they put Mithian in such a lovable character…cannot hate her,,,and cannot love her either,,,maybe they can match her with one of the Knight of Camelot…(or even for Merlin)…Gwen…t8 a gud care of urself before u reunite with Arthur k….

  5. @Laneielle Agreed. I Thought She Was Gonna Be A Typically-Spoiled Obnoxious Princess Like Lady Vivian In Season 2. But She Was Actually A Very Likable Character Who Seemed To Have Genuine Feelings For Arthur. Would Like To See Her Return Next Season & Hookup With Either Gawain Or Even Merlin, If Freya Doesn’t Make Some Kind Of Miraculous Return From The Dead!

  6. I thought Mithian was an awesome character, just not for Arthur.

  7. Does anybody know how we can get this music? Or how long we’ll have to wait until the season soundtrack is out? Amazing!

  8. @chocl8chipcookie Completely agree with the whole enchanted part. Every other person that’s been enchanted, they’ve figured it out but not when it happened to Gwen (twice even). This was a great scene, heartbreaking even!

  9. @Poufkimashoula1 Totally agree with your post. They both do love her (in different ways of course) and it is beautiful. I liked that Arthur and Merlin were at odds with each other over her. She IS Camelot to Arthur because she is what makes him happy hence what he said to the princess.

  10. I dont hate Mithian She’s cute.


  11. No ones hating Mithian, well I don’t but I am not buying that she loved Arthur cause wouldn’t that be rushing things? Yes, Freya and Merlin was a few days as well, RUSHED. My gripe is that people complained about Arwen after they had know each other like, FOREVER!
    Anyway she got her ancient lands so didn’t leave empty handed. She just couldn’t believe a mere blacksmith’s daughter could out “Trump ” her. She was a nice character and Arthur needed his confidence boosted, so all is good.

  12. all you haters leave mithian alone! i shall defend the lady’s honour! but no seriously, it’s not her fault she started to fall for arthur, heis pretty awesome and to have been rejected the way she was, it was crule, she isn’t a bad person sjust someone who got caught in the cross fire.

  13. @ELLABELLAMJ Err… how long did Freya and Merlin know each other for?

    I don’t think she was at the stage where she was professing her love upon the rooftops but she clearly like him a lot. Her bruised ego was just an added bonus.

    Don’t get me wrong… Arwen all the way… but Mithian need a hug.

  14. the way he looks the ring… He knows that Gwen is still in his heart, maybe he could understands that Gwen is in danger because she will never let the ring in the woods. It’s important to her, it’s symbolize their love.

    Sorry for the faults, i’m french ! ;)

  15. I could imagine this happening
    Mithian: My lord, my lord, my lord
    Arthur: Mithian
    Mithian: Yes
    Arthur: Shut Up!
    Mithian: 0_0

  16. @aqueen04
    I love it that both Merlin & Arthur are hurting for Gwen! I don’t understand why a character so important for the 2 main ones & does not have more screen time or responsibilities?! Morgana lifted herself up by becoming THE villain, but Gwen… if Arthur & Merlin are the 2 sides of the same coin, well Gwen is the middle ring. Seriously, she’s like a part of both’s heart, they love her, they’re a trio & yet Gwen remains behind?! WTF! It’s about time the writers develop her character

  17. at first when merlin was looking for gwen i thought it was arthur

  18. @Bellatrix22 Heartbreak? She knew him for how long? Yes, Arthur fell for Gwen in a few days but after knowing her for many years. He is the one with the heartbreak over Gwen. Mithian probably felt scorned, of which I can’t blame her really. I didn’t feel she was heartbroken to be honest.

  19. Love the scene when Arthur finds the ring and recognizes it as the one he gave Gwen when he proposed and she accepted to be his wife! The princess was completely forgotten and ignored. It was as if she wasn’t there at all! How could Arthur think anyone could take Gwen’s place in his heart? He was a bastard in trying to find Gwen in other women!  What a louse! At least now he realize he will never stop loving Gwen. Feel sorry for the Princess being used in such a cruel manner!

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this! I love it when Arthur finds the ring. The emotions on his face, and then he looks at Merlin, and both boys look like they want to cry, and it’s just so tragic and heartbreaking!

  21. @WrathMuffin LOL, this show has been pulling our strings so hard this season!

  22. @MissPendragon333 right? Its like good lord give him a minute lady. I’m sure he heard you the first ten thousand times

  23. @AmethystStar28 We shall blame the director for not organising Mithian’s heartbreak around said haunting music.

  24. MY GOD somebody please shuts her up

  25. @Bellatrix22 I get what you mean. I actually did like Mithian and felt sort of sorry for her, it’s just I’m a sucker for the beautiful background music and she was drowning it out! I take the music seriously lol :)

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