Question by questionable. ☺: Magnetism?
Hello, I’m studying about magnetism and I don’t quite understand some of the questions and I was wondering if someone could explain them to me?


1. Why does a current meter move when a magnet passes by a wire connected to it?
2. Why are some magnets stronger than others?
3. Why do magnets become weaker when struck?

Thanks to all who help :]

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Answer by johnnyangelforyou
i have a question myself? have you asked your inner voice? do you ever rely on intuition? if you were struck, wouldn’t your integrity be adulterated? the force is the same; the variables that determine a mega magnet are laws of polarity, volume and density, if your studying magnetism, why dont you experiment yourself? nothing like finding out the answer on your own, because these points are worthless, so is this answer

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