Jan 222012

The time is upon us. We really must get there before it’s too late. Can we get there before Paxton Fettel does? I really hope so. Leave a rating! Thats always nice :) Be sure to check me out on these other social networks! Fanpage: www.facebook.com FaceBook: www.facebook.com/fosteramf Twitter: FosterAMF
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  6 Responses to “Let’s Play FEAR #21 – Presence Known”

  1. @AMF1534 Did you tried to check the zoom option in TV settings?
    I had the same problem and it was only on 2 channels so i was sure that was my TV provider fault. but it wasn’t… just for some unknown reason my TV zoom option was set on.

  2. @zippolight2002 There are a lot of parts in that movie that are pretty eerie!

  3. @zippolight2002 I’ve already adjusted everything with the aspect ratio that I can to no avail. I can’t really explain it, especially since its hooked up via HDMI

  4. Btw, most HD tv’s have an aspect ratio button on the remote. Play with that.

  5. Wait Brave Little Toaster scared you when you were a kid? Now I don’t feel like such a pussy that it scared me too >.>

  6. i like the end part in the elevator xD

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