There definitely is more than one-way to peel an apple, said Jinsoo Terry, one of the worlds leading multicultural experts. Learning to accept the different ways individuals peel an apple is a great example for all of us to learn in accepting our cross-cultural differences, she said. Jinsoo Terry presents her Apple Lesson on her website at Being open-minded is the first step to accepting our cross-cultural differences. The simple Apple Lesson is an excellent video to show individuals how to bring harmony and acceptance to a multicultural workforce. Jinsoo Terry brings a simple concept to the workplace with her Apple Story shown at The video shows that cross-cultural differences can be a way for us to learn new ideas from each other. Being open-minded is the beginning of new viewpoints that benefit everyone. About Jinsoo Terry: Jinsoo is a well-known columnist and speaker in the USA, Asia and in Europe. She is an expert on multicultural and motivational issues. She is well-known for her rap music called “Creating Superheroes.” Her skills in managing the widely global workforces at these companies led to a demand for Jinsoo to train international business managers on how to do business in the USA, to speak at International events on the subject and to help the US Department of Commerce with global trade issues. Learn more about Jinsoo Terry, Multicultural Education and Leadership Training at

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