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Question by : Is there really a fourth dimension of consciousness-awareness?
One guy said that the fourth state of consciousness is awareness- and that is peace. Peace and without any thoughts at all in the mind. The mind becomes quiet.

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Answer by Ice ball
I think we live in a teapot that encompasses us and mars.

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  1. There is no evidence that says there is, yet no evidence that says there isnt. Like the teapot in outerspace.

  2. sort of…4rth is the Astral-Dream Time. 5D is the Unity-Heart. 6-D is sacred-geometries…

    Aliens lives in the 5D and 6D…Angels lives in 7D and above

    7D is God-conciousnes…8-D is Sound…9D is Time…and on into infinity…

  3. I understand being aware, but I’m not sure why you are invoking another dimension into it. Your mental state is contingent upon the chemicals and neurons inside of your three dimensional brain.

  4. No. The fourth dimension is time. Dimensions five through nine (or eleven, depending on which physicist you’re speaking with) are folded in upon themselves. But the quantum strings which connect them to the four dimensions we experience might be the explanation for a lot of cosmological conjectures. So, then consciousness would have to be either the tenth or twelfth dimension.

  5. According to Einstein the fourth dimension is time, and I am not inclined to consider it as consciousness-awareness. Time is still part of the physical universe. If I understand rightly, what you call consciousness-awareness refers to full enlightenment, or what Jesus refers to as seeing the all. I believe there is such state of consciousness, because Jesus said: “You can do what I have done, even greater.” That is what I intend to achieve. Wish me luck.

  6. rather a third aspect: above: higher: harmless,
    which is neither of two left/right harmful things

    a more excellent way
    that’s neither broad nor narrow mindead

    like above a servant k-now
    is neither of k-now not servants vs k-now not servants

    like man-kind is higher than
    and neither of child-ren vs child-ren sides wars

    for when no sides make or taken, then no side effect

    kinda like what’s BEST for all, above
    is neither what’s good nor better for some below

  7. ‘Other’ dimensions (Other defined as anything other than the 4 we live in, namely; X, Y, Z and Time) are simply the environment around us that we cannot perceive with our five senses. Google ‘Manuel Kant’ or ‘Kantian Constructivism’. Manuel Kant coined the philosophy known today as ‘Kantian Constructivism’ which argues that what we see, hear, smell, feel, hear are the way that our brain organizes the stimulus (from our environment) around us. Thus what we perceive by our limited 5 senses is really not the only thing that exists around us. That probably didn’t have a thing to do with what you were talking about, but its what came to my mind when I initially read your question without the explanation.

  8. I live in a stillness, of a state we call “grief”
    Angels live with me and give me “relief”
    Holy white light shines, by day and by night!
    And dwell in my nightmare, a place they call “fright”
    Peace is in here but chaos is too!
    You do not wish to be, one of these, “chosen few”
    Laughter and luck are for those who do live!
    So, always make sure that you “live and forgive”

  9. Yes! Although “The mind becomes quiet” is level 3.

    1/ Waking state
    2/ Dream state
    3/ Dreamless state (thought cessation)
    4/ Primordial state (Buddha-nature)

    Level 1 to 3 are impermanent but level 4 is continuously present. This state or “continuum” shows that there is this presence of Buddha-nature or Buddha-essence in all sentient beings that they have had from the very beginning of existence. This constant or continuous presence within us is what is worked with in the tantric teachings. So, by gradually working on the path, step by step, one develops one’s full potential and reaches Buddha-hood.

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